​Sacrifice – In Blood Or Self

All Progress Demands Sacrifice!… All Pathworking Requires Us To Give Offering!… But Material And Blood Is Not The Only Offering!…

Sacrifice… A common word spouted throughout religion, spirituality and magick for centuries. What can we give? What can we offer? What else do we have to sacrifice? I am no stranger to sacrifice, and any who has walked the path to ascent will know the demands of the desire they seek. It is said that all progress demands sacrifice, and yet when most hear it, they think of offerings. Material things placed upon an alter with the intent to appease something to aid us. We think of blood and the typical concept of blood offerings. However, these offerings are the easiest of offerings.

When I hear sacrifice, I do not think of blood or of any material object but rather I think of myself. The path of ascent requires us to constantly break ourselves down and rebuild. To peel away the layers of what we are and forge ourselves anew. Like tempering the soul of ourselves to be better and stronger. With this the truest sacrifice is revealed. The only sacrifice that counts on this path is not to a demon, or a god in the hopes of appeasement, but rather to ourselves. Like Odin we give ourselves to ourselves. This offering is time and circumstance; as well as giving up the desire to walk the path the way we want to for the way it needs to be.

What You Want And What You Need Are Two Very Different Things!… Offering Yourself Is The Only Way To Truly Ascent And Evolve!…

When we are at the crossroads of our lives, we are given choices. Do we take the path that is easy or do we take the path that is right? Both of these choices have a big sacrifice and the magician seems to find himself at this crossroads several times in their life. If we take the path that is easy we sacrifice the things we need. The reality around us crumbles and like a house without a _ build on sand… it collapses. The successful in magick do not take this road. Rather they choose to take the path that is right. The path that will take them where they want to go even if they do not like the territory the road leads through.

The Path of Chaos… This is the right path. On this path, you will not sacrifice blood, or material but rather yourself. The things you need will demand a higher sacrifice than you may even be willing to pay for in that moment. Perhaps it is your comfort, or perhaps it is simply facing the very nightmare you tried so hard to stray from. The successful do not fear this, rather they embrace it. In these moment, the truly great are made. To swim instead of sink, to let the layers be stripped away and let the chaos pillage their comfort so that they may grow.

These offerings are simple yet valuable. They are unmeasurable in intrinsic value but to all are close to heart. Our time, our attention, or circumstance. Would you leave your comfortable job with a good salary to make minimum wage if it meant you could live your dream? Would you happily loose an eye if it meant you would gain the knowledge you seek? Would you leave your expensive home to live on the streets as a wanderer if it meant getting the enlightenment you are searching for? The answer from most is no… and yet even with these big sacrifices (of which there are many more) there is temptation to leap. Ask yourself… What are you willing to sacrifice for the dreams that lay before you? And will you sink… or will you swim?…


Photography By Asbjorn Torvol – All Rights Reserved



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