The Price of Freedom: Lessons from Devils

Do You Want True Freedom…? Seldom Is The Necessity To Achieve It Considered Less So Carried Out…! Are You Willing To Leap Into Damnation To Be Free…?

Blood is freedoms stain… I would argue that all people have a desire to be free; at least in just thought. However, what we think freedom is and what it actually is are often two very different things. Without touching on the meaning of freedom like that of a sunset inspiration quote picture I want to hit on something much more uncommon in perspective regarding freedom. Recently, in my own path workings I have been looking at the various entities that are coined as being rebels and devils. Satan, Iblis, Loki to name a few.

Who is really free? Is Satan (as characterised in mythology) free? Is Loki free? Personally I would say yes, and this is not something I would say for the majority of beings characterised in myth. If we look at the similarities between my two chosen entities here (Satan & Loki) there are a few things that stand out. Satan is rebellious in nature, and that rebellion is not just a desire to be a rebel but rather a refusal to bow. The price for his freedom to stand instead of submitting is to be out casted and “damned”. Loki is not so different. Loki provides a chaos that forces the Gods to learn, and evolve. Keeps them from becoming complacent and stagnant. He literally aids in the Gods continual ascent but is resented and out casted. Loki like Satan does not bow but rather calls the Gods out on their own issues (as found in the Lokasenna). His price for not just being free but seeking to push the Gods even further is damnation and resentment. There is a lesson here…

To Be Free Is To Accept Damnation… Drive The Nails For Your Crucifix In By Yourself In Defiance… 

The lesson in this is simple, if you want to be truly free you are going to have to accept that you will be hated by most if not all. You will be damned by those who are still slaves. Your ascension will create jealousy in those who watch, an envy in those who perhaps stood at your back and a burning hate from those who may have even called you family… as it is said by many; “It’s lonely at the top”. To be free is to take that damnation from others and consume it in defiance. To take the hate and resentment and let it feed your growth. This is the price of freedom… blood is freedoms stain.

It is because of this freedom these entities are so greatly admired. The chains are broken and with an iron fist of defiance they can never be tied down. Satan and Loki do not let that damnation defeat them, rather it elevates them. This is a key that the magician can and should use. This attitude is necessary for the magician. Allow yourself to be damned, let it feed you, consume it, and let Loki and Satans example in this allow you to be truly free. Being free is not easy nor is it peaceful… but ascension is about letting yourself grow from chaos. So ask yourself… do you truly want to be free? Do you fear the damning of others? amd are you willing to walk the path of the damned in order to gain your freedom?…

Photography taken and edited by Asbjorn Torvol
All Rights Reserved 2017



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