Psychic Powers are a Fantasy Illusion

All “Psychics” Are Full Of Shit!… There Are No Exclusive Psychic Powers… You Are Being Scammed To Line Their Pockets!… Real Magicians Don’t Fall For These Charlatans!!!

As an occult author, spiritual practitioner and practicing magician it seems a big statement to suggest that all psychics are fakes and charlatans… and yet I stand fully by my statement. It is my stance that not only are psychics all scammers but that they give all other practicing magicians and spiritualists a bad name. One of the things I have always hated is the idea that some people are born with exclusive psychic powers or “gifts”. We are all born with an unlimited potential within us. Every single person in existence has the potential to do absolutely anything they want if enough hard work, passion and drive are present. There are no exclusive powers that are reserved for only specific people.

Now this is not to suggest that some people are not born with natural talents. Some are born with a natural talent for music and other for perhaps sports. But natural talent is not exclusive. Someone who was born without a natural talent for art can still learn to be just as good as someone who has that natural talent; again, assuming enough hard work, passion and drive are present. This principle applies just the same to magick as it does to music, art, sports etc. Every single person has the potential to become a practicing magician and to utilize what we call magick. In fact, every single person is already doing magick and using the same tools that these psychics claim are “gifts”.

It is my speculation that from this exclusive, inherent gift ideology; that the idea for magick being exclusive has also arisen. This concept that only certain people can perform real magick or work with certain traditions within magickal systems. As I have stated in several of my written articles including my book “Magick: It’s All In Your Head” this is simply bullshit. Magick has been romanticised and taken so out of the mundane, tangible, day to day dealings that we have pushed it into this corner of spiritualist separation from its totality. Magick is simply the mind and every single person is using it whether they realize is or not, whether with intention or not. However, this is a topic for a different article.

Several figures such as Derren Brown, Richard Dawkins, and now also myself, have come out publicly to explain and expose what it actually is that these “psychics” are doing; as well as the great potential harm that they can cause to people. Every single technique presented by psychics have been debunked and explained simply by psychological techniques that the majority of people are not aware of. Cold reading, placebo, ideomotor, as well as different mentalist techniques are but a few of these methods that cast the illusion of psychic powers. It would also be fair to say that some proclaimed psychics are so uneducated on these psychological techniques that they are even fooling themselves into believing they are one of the special chosen ones. Almost a sweet innocence to their potentially harmful projection of information.

Fools Will Be Fooled!… Personal Responsibility Does Also Play A Significant Role!… Education Is The Antidote!!!

There is the concept however that people who simply do not take the time to educate themselves on this are but facing the consequences of their own lack of self-responsibility. Now while I agree with this I would also state that being a voice or educator can at least provide them possible information to use to educate themselves. Educating yourself on these psychological techniques (many of which are used by mentalists to cast the illusion of psychic ability) will not only give you the ability to see through these charlatans but also give you a rounded idea of how magick actually works.

See real magick is the mind. As I have stated in many of my written pieces all magick is psychological in nature. Truly, it is all in your head. Yet as people like Derren Brown and Richard Dawkins use this premise to debunk magick, I take a slightly different approach. These psychological methods are what real magick is, and when we understand these techniques and how they work every single person can manifest in their life what it is they need or want… truly as if by magick. There are no seers of the future, only predictions of cause and effect, based on your own psychological state. There are no universal spiritual attributes for objects, only subconscious association and placebo. There are no external gods as higher powers influencing your life, only psychological ideas that we give an external attribute in order to stimulate progression. This is real magick.

There Are Methods Of Delivering These Same Techniques Once The Illusions Are Unveiled!… Deliver The Methods In Their True Context!!!

When I see a tarot reader provide a piece of information that is their own interpretation of occult symbolism to a client, who is waiting to make a huge decision in their life, it makes me cringe. When I see energetic healers, who click fingers and do wavy hand motions with a client who has chosen to take that over actual medicine it makes me truly sad. Truly some of the work that these “psychics” do can be harmful to others. It is because of this that I do not provide any service without stating my stance on it. My method of tarot reading for example focuses on having the person interpret the cards and myself, understanding a good bit about psychology, relaying what that tells me about their own psychological state. In this sense my tarot reading has become not divination, but rather a psychological reading. It is these finer details that separate the truly great magicians from the fantasy filled charlatans.

My encouragement to all who want to learn real magick is to study psychology and mentalism and apply that in context to these occult techniques. It is through this, that real benefit will come, true elevation will happen and no fantasy shall consume actuality. Your mind is the magick, and their pockets want to keep you from that. Learn how to use placebo to manifest desire, learn how to use psychology to work with your state of mind, learn your own subconscious association and how to use that to your advantage, understand the mind and how it all works together. It is through this you will discover the real magick and the real gods. You are the God and Magick is the tool you already possess, all you must do, is realize it, utilize it and question it all.


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