By The Book Bullshit

By The Book Is Basic!… Great Magicians Know Themselves Over Regurgitated Text!… Know Your Mind Instead Of Another Magi’s Speculation!!!

For years of my spiritual and occult exploration I was very by the book when it came to practice. Be it the Solomonic method of Goetic conjuration or shamanic journeying there was always a by the book method that was hinged upon for success. Many of my own mentors insisted upon these by the book methods. It was seen almost heretical to stray from the text within those pages. However, regardless of which system or art I always had the same question. Why do I need to go by the book in order for these to work?

The answer to that question is pretty simple. You don’t. By the book methods are a sure way to end up waste more time and resources to get average results. The truly great magickal practitioners will take the text in the book and mould it to their own individual needs. I say again like in all of my work, the individual is the key. Magick is psychological in nature and each individual has a different psychological make up. That psychological make up is formed from what we have personally been exposed to in our life. As such the success and result of any ritual depends upon the individual.

Tailoring The Ritual To Your Individual Needs Will Yield Better Results!… Consistency Comes From This Understanding!…

When you tailor any given ritual to your own psychological needs, subconscious associations and personal preferences, the results that you get grow, excel and most of all become more consistent. Is it easier to spend 10 years re-wiring your subconscious or is it easier to simply work with what you already have? When you understand your own needs you understand the needs of the ritual. Be it colour, sounds, smells, visuals or even tastes, using the correct stimuli (which ever ritual aspect is) that synchronize with your own psychological make up the results will come quicker and easier. It is through this individual tailoring that consistency in your work becomes better.

Additionally, it is also wise to note that your individual needs depend greatly on the moment and not on some universal concept. Some days you might use one thing for a particular ritual but the next day you may need something else. Emotions, mood, mental state all play a part in what you need to get those results.

The books are outlines and there is no universal method for success. The only method is the one that works for you… hence stay true and stay awesome. Ceremonial magick is partial at fault for this need to follow the book as most methods are very strict in their performance. Yet even with ceremonial magick this concept can be implemented. My advice to magicians is to take the books and tweak them to work for you. Be it the components, the words of power or even the outline for the ritual itself. You will always get better results through the individual than you will following a strict guide.


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