Self Initiation Is The Only One That Counts!!!

The Only Initiation That Counts Is The One You Do Yourself!… Are You Dependant On Another For Your Ascent?… Take Your Power Back Through Self Initiation!!!

There are two definitions to the word initiation both of which greatly apply to magick and the way in which practitioners approach it. The first definition is: “the action of admitting someone into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual”. This definition is not only the most solid definition of an initiation but the very nature of most magickal communities. In almost every single coven, temple, and any other form of spiritual or magick group there is this concept of initiation. In most of these cases the initiate is put through some form of ritual with another more experienced practitioner present to “guide” them through it.

I have personally found this method of initiation to be a political performance rather than a spiritual ritual of beginnings. In most communities, there is an ego struggle. Don’t get me wrong I am not against ego, I have my own huge ego that I let out its cage often, yet I am not in denial of its existence or presence. Most spiritual or magickal leaders in these groups have a denial of their own ego and these initiation rituals are the perfect performance for them to get the superiority authority fix they need. Making these rituals most often than not dull by including a set-in stone requirement for another practitioner.

The requirement for another person is usually backed up by a need for them to pass something onto the uninitiated. Reiki is a perfect example of this. Many reiki masters insist that only another reiki master can pass on the energy for a non-practitioner to become a practitioner and be able to perform reiki. This type of ritual requirements are a plague not only on serious occult communities but also the moulding minds of novices and beginners. A pollution that leaves a dirty stain on the minds of those with great potential.

If A Third Party Is a Requirement To Progress On A Path Then Explain To Me How The First Person Got There?

My question to this is simple. If I need a third party to initiate me, to make it possible for me to go further, how did the first person to do this get there? The first one to do this didn’t have someone to initiate them so how did they do it? The answer to this is simple, these requirements are bullshit and those pushing them on others are full of shit. The only requirement in initiation is a single person and a desire to walk a path. Everything else can be learned from the source.

Now we come to the second definition on initiation. This definition is: “the action of beginning something”. The only kind of initiation that counts is the one you do yourself. If you want someone to initiate you with their hocus pocus then by all means give them your responsibility but ascent means taken control not giving it away for others to abuse. Self-initiation is the only way to make it count. My method is with the pantheon I am working with myself. If I want initiated I’ll go to Odin, or Freyja, or Hel or the better option, I’ll do it myself. The occult is full of superiority complexes and many leaders of these groups would rather feed their ego and its denial than help you on your ascent. My question to you is this, will you take the reins of your path, initiate the beginning yourself and take responsibility for your climb? Or will you let a master hold your hand like you were a little child?


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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I don’t see this perspective aired anywhere in the broader spiritual or mystical communities I touch in with. While I don’t see the act or rites of initiation as an absolute, I would strongly offer that the path to mastery and ownership of your own Path does require self-initiatory rites. If you aren’t willing to yourself on the altar, alone, and confront the consequences of your own choice, then how can you ever truly know your own Self – let alone enact your own Power? And yes, who was the First Teacher? Someone started the lineage, the tradition, the transmission – and often times, when you dig into the history of any of them it was someone doing the work alone (or “alone”).

    From my experience, I think there is significant value on moving ahead quickly and with less risk through receiving initiations from others – but there are also dangers that are too rarely discussed. I have received people’s Shadow energies, unowned Darkness and damage as much as I’ve received the touted gifts or openings through being initiated by others (and I’ve done the same to others, unfortunately). No one I’ve ever met, no matter how long they’ve studied, practiced, etc. is a ‘perfect vessel’. We’re all fucking human, after all.


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