The Holographic Afterlife – Your Afterlife Is Just Like An Egregore

Magick… Space… Creation… Gods… some of the world’s greatest mysteries. Throughout time humankind has been fascinated by the unknown. Hours are spent pondering questions such as how was everything created? What lies within space we are yet to explore? Some spend their entire lives trying to answer such questions. Yet of all of these bold questions there is one that has ruled mankind’s thirst to know for as long as our history goes back… this question is the afterlife. What happens when we die?

Every culture, every tribe, every civilization and people have had a strange fascination with death. From the simplicity of the Christian Heaven and the Buddhist Nirvana, all the way to the complex afterlife’s such as the Egyptians or the Vikings. Thousands of funeral rites and death rituals. Traditions and religions formed around the ending of precious life. Each of these traditions have created a vast ocean of possibilities for the answer on death… yet in each and every one, there is a common element. This common element is that it is not a question of what happens when we die… but rather where we go. The great thirst to know the afterlife has been centred around the where rather than the what… and that alone is an interesting thought to ponder. It would seem humankind is certain that it will go somewhere… but where?

 In all honesty, I have no solid answer to that question… and for any bold enough to chase the answer they shall surely find themselves at the point of no return to the living. In my theories on reality, we live in a holographic universe that we ourselves create. Much like S.Ben Qayin’s idea of a consensual reality matrix. The answer for myself is simple. Reality is a created illusion… and as such… so is death.

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”- The Kybalion

I have always been a lover of Hermeticism, in my early years in the occult I experimented and tested their principles to find very hard truths in terms of magick. It has formed the foundation to all of my work… it is here my eye on reality is fixed. The Law of Vibration. It embodies the concept that there is no such thing as rest, as dead or non-motion and that everything is constantly in motion. There is no such thing as true or absolute rest and as such if something is in existence then it is in motion. Nowhere in the universe does there exist something that is at complete rest. At the most fundamental level, the universe and everything which comprises it (including people, thoughts, words, emotions etc.) is at its core, pure vibratory energy manifesting itself in different ways. This includes not only the seen but the unseen also.

To really understand this law, it is essential to understand one thing. Everything is energy, and science through quantum physics has shown us this. Everything in the universe is vibrating at a frequency, different things having different frequencies. In this sense, we are living in an energetic sea which we call the universe and we are all connected through that one thing (energy). Everything has its own frequency and all of it is governed by this law of vibration.

Reality in its simplest form is energy in states of vibration. It is the literal building blocks of every single thing in existence. To look at it from the most simplistic view reality is only a frequency in which we do not detect directly to in its base form but rather interpret and form into three-dimensional reality based on our own minds, both individually and collectively.

The reality that we experience is the energetic frequencies that we have decoded. Like a radio our minds tune into to the certain frequencies and project that into a three-dimensional reality. In many ways, our universe is much alike a virtual reality.

Three-dimensional reality is an illusion. We take that vibrational information and through our minds or consciousness depending on how you want to view it we project an interpreted reality which we experience in this three-dimensional way… in many ways we literally create our reality. If you break down and look at an atom, the majority of that atom is empty space. It has no solidity; how can you create a solid world out of something that is not solid? The answer is simple, it is not solid. This alone is enough to put it all in perspective for me.

But what does this mean for the afterlife? My own theory is that if we create the three-dimensional reality that we are in; because all things are energy and all energy is empty space. Then the afterlife works in the same way. We literally create that reality ourselves. In this way all possibility exists, every single afterlife exists and is possible for us to manifest it.

“Every Tradition is Right… But no tradition is collectively true”– Asbjorn Torvol

Every single afterlife you can think of exists somewhere. How we manifest that afterlife I believe is quite simple. It is a matter of certainty. The Christian who is certain he will go to heaven will create it himself. The Norse Pagan who is certain he will go to Valhalla will create it. It is a matter of attention. The more thought, energy, belief, certainty we put into an idea of our own afterlife the more we indirectly lay out the building blocks. There is no true answer. In this sense, every religion, tradition, culture and belief is right… but none of them are the “true” way. To take another perspective, every afterlife is an egregore.

Additionally, with such a wide possibility available to us all, the magician can in turn tap into these different afterlives and explore them. Much like astral projection if these possibilities exist then the possibility to explore them must also exist. This is where my own love for necromancy and shamanism has come into play. My love for peering through the veil and walking through the gates of death to meet with what lies beyond.

Art by Gary Rosenberg

© All Rights Reserved


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