Finding My Feet In A Tradition Unknown To Me – First Steps Into Exploring Vodoun

Finding My Feet In A New Tradition Makes Me Feel Born Again… Like An Explorer In Uncharted Territory… I Have Only Excitement For My Exploration Of Vodoun!!!

With my Pathworking in Viking Magick/Path of The Vitki at a standstill I have heard the voice within grow silent. My work with the Norse Gods and Viking Magick has been some of the most intense, life changing experiences of my life… yet even I know chapters end and begin constantly. Two long years I have dedicated solidly to my work with Norse Sorcery… and while the tools, bonds and magick I have learned will always be with me, it is time for me to explore a new tradition and learn new skills. This does not mean my work with the Norse is finished… oh gods no. But the dominating tradition that will take up my time in its exploration has come to something new… Vodoun!

My brother E.A Koetting has spoken with me a lot about Vodoun and his successes working with the system. Having watched his videos, and read into some of his recent book “The Spider and The Green Butterfly”, I feel confident about exploring this tradition. Yet, even with my very minimal study I have never really felt a desire to pathwork this system. Like everyone else I am aware of this systems reputation… but never once has it enticed me to walk. That is until now. The past two days I have been thinking about Papa Legba. Like an itch in my mind I have had this urge to read more into the Vodoun system. Not the type of calling I had with Thor but none the less a strange curiosity.

One of the things in this system that tickles my mind is the community aspect. I am no stranger to the bitter end of community politics or hate… and being a white European male, I can already smell the distaste for “my kind” exploring this tradition. Already with my two days of blind work I have received the bitter end of this community aspect… yet I thrive on drama. My intention with this pathworking is the same as any other. To see how my formula fares, find what works, what gets results, develop new ideas and theories. Certainly not to commit to religion. My aim is to dissect it, look at it through the lenses of psychology and science. Understand the symbolism and the archetypes. Find out the mechanics of the system and how they work.

So far, my results have been more or less as expected. Synchronicities have been in abundance and with a new chapter my mind is beginning to mould around the idea of this system. Yet and I say again, I have no prior experience or work with this system, and so I come into the fold like a new-born into the world, with a close brother to help guide but more importantly a vast new world to get used to.

I Was Advised To Go Out And Find Legba… Forget Initiations And Simply Go Out And Find Legba!!!

One of the first pieces of information I stumbled across was E.A Koettings video talking with Brandon Masters. In this video he advises to just go out and find Legba. That is exactly the first step that I took. Typically, with new traditions or experiments I like to take the first step unreferenced. I don’t look up on typical ritual layouts or any solid advice on how to take that step. I simply on instinct do what I think I should do and see how I fare. If I get results then great, if not then I have a solid point to begin my research. With this first step I got both. I got both small results and a place to begin my research.

I went out into the forest with my partner Joey Torvol, with the universal circle, some rum, three candles and some cornmeal. I offer up some rum and put Legbas sigil in the circle and I ask him to open the doors for me. At the moment of asking a spider begins to crawl around on Joeys arm before making its way over to me. A dog decided to come and have a sniff around my ritual space before moving on, and Joey begins to tap or rather drum on her legs. It is only when we get home to talk to E.A that he mentions the drumming being something that appears typically in this ritual.

The night before this ritual myself and Joey both had dreams of Legba. I had seen his Veve on my hand and in the dream, he was teaching me. A good sign for the ritual ahead I think. But yet after all of these synchronicities, dreams and rituals I feel like I still need to do more. The day after the ritual we go to the ocean front to do another ritual to call Legba into our lives. I draw his Veve in the sand, call to him. On the way home, we end up going through a graveyard, in which there is literal distant drumming in the distance, most likely from a busker. We come across a purple door at a crossroads, as Joey had seen in her dream. It feels like a lot of synchronicity.

Its Now Time To Delve Into The Real Research and Practice… So Much To Learn, So Much To Explore!!!

After all of the first steps taken I still feel I need to do some more on this first step. To explore working with Legba closer and more accurately as practitioners do. These first steps were meant to be unreferenced and blind… and now I feel confidant to read up on Vodoun, Legba, the Loa and how to do these rituals in a more accurate way. It is here the work truly begins for me. To look at the system and its rituals, principles and see how my formula of psychology and science will work with this system. Already I have had people tell me it wont… but from experience in all other areas people tell me the same and it doesn’t… I already have some theories… but they are yet to be truly tested.

Asbjorn Torvol hits Vodoun… I have no idea where it will take me, what I will learn, if I will get results or not. But many have tried to sway me in not pathworking this system, told me I can’t, or that I will fail, or that it will kill me… and I will take every pleasure in doing it anyway and being an example of why you should always listen to your inner voice than the voice of some egotistical master who thinks he can dictate your ascent. I am only a newborn in this tradition, but I can say with certainty that being new doesn’t make the exploration any less. We were all new once… and I for one am I excited to explore something completely new and unknown to me.


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