Submitting To A God Demolishes Self Worth… Learn How To Stop Dedicating Like A Little Bitch!!!

Do you feel that by bowing your head to a god you are submitting to them? Do you believe that dedication to a deity makes you their bitch? Well you may be right… but that’s not because of the dedication. Simply you are going about dedication all wrong. I have said several times in my work that my path as a Vitki (Norse Shaman/Sorcerer) is one of both self-elevation but also of service. That in order for the Vitki to truly embrace the path they must take part in dedication.

Dedication in my path as a Vitki is to build what is called Maegan and of course to build relationships with the gods. Maegan is also called credit or influence, and as we show our dedication to certain Gods and Spirits they in turn will give us favor. In Norse Mythology, we hear several times of the Gods giving individuals favor and this is Maegan. However, to Dedicate to a God or Spirit does not mean you are going to spiritually suck their dick but rather have an agreement. You will do rituals with them and for them, you will perhaps give offerings and perhaps other dedication displays. However, in return for those dedications you will gain influence and credit. In short, it is an investment that you will see some form of return on.

The Gods and the Spirits are the main teachers of the Vitki/magician and as such we must earn those teachings. Do you expect the Gods just to teach you out of the goodness of their own hearts? They aren’t your little bitch either. As such your dedication is how you earn that privilege, but it is not by any means a selfless act. As it is said in the Havamal: “No man is so generous he will jib at accepting, A gift in return for a gift, No man so rich that it really gives him Pain to be repaid.

I Love My Gods… But I Would As Quickly Punch Odin In The Face For Doing Me Wrong As I Would Any Man!!!

The Vitki/Magician respects his or her Gods but he does not hold them above himself. As such dedication is less servitude and more simply building relationships. The Vitki builds a bond with the Gods and Spirits. Spending time with them, Gifts, Rituals and more… but at the end of the day your own individual is the only God you “worship”. The practitioner does not worship but rather works with the Gods. This is how mutual respect is earned. How do you expect the Gods to respect you when you do not even respect yourself enough to approach them as equal?

No God is more important than yourself, and so you must approach them with mutual respect and ground. Dedication means showing respect not showing you can suck a dick for a favor. This is a strength many in the spiritual communities do not possess. Many are afraid to even acknowledge their own accomplishments and they expect a God to give them respect? Self-Respect comes first. The Moral of this story is to not act like a little Bitch and start acting like the God your trying to ascent to become. You want to Become a Living God you are going to have to act like it. Dedicate to yourself first and then go to the Gods.

Stay True & Stay Awesome

Photography Taken & Edited by Asbjorn Torvol – All Rights Reserved


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