You Are Just As Infinite As Reality Itself!!! Come On Alice… Down The Rabbit Hole Of Reality!!!

Reality While Simple Has Some Deep Complexity To It… Have You Ever Thought There Might Be More Than One You?… Come On Alice, Lets Go Down The Rabbit Hole!

Out of all the work I have done in the Occult, Magick and Spirituality one thing out of all has been the most dominant. My emphasis on the holographic pliable universe and the psychological interaction between energy and reality has been all too common. Yet while I have described the great simplicity of the mechanics of that reality there are some things about it that would make Alice herself a bit crazy… this is the reality of people and spiritual beings.

First of all let me give you a rundown on my reality theory. Everything is made up of energy and when you break all of that down energy is mostly empty space. Thus, the building blocks of reality are a convincing illusion of a solid world. The atoms that make up all things are 90% empty space and so the solid world that they create is really not solid at all. What we do know however, is that all energy vibrates and has its own frequency. Even the things we consider to be non-corporeal such as thoughts are made up of this energy. So how does reality work? Well our mind/consciousness depending on how you want to put it, interprets and decodes that vibrational information and projects it onto a three-dimensional reality that we experience as solid. Thus, the all is mind. With this it suggests the law of correspondence. If all things are simply energy that is already there, and our minds/consciousness has to decode and project that reality, then every single thing in existence is both external (as simply energy) and internal (as an interpretation of that energy). As within so it is without.

If that didn’t sound crazy enough then you’re not going to believe this. By this model for reality that suggests that every single god, demon, angel, djinn, entity or spirit… and so on, is not only an external force of nature but also a psychological part of the self; an internal piece of the individual. Since reality is based on individual interpretation it would seem fair to say that each individual interprets these differently. The astaroth that I work with may be completely different than the astaroth you work with. This suggests that there is more than one astaroth. Each interpretation is a different entity as it exists within two different individuals… but what does that mean? It means that there is as many astaroths as there are people. This would explain why two magicians could summon this demon at the same time, and for the demon to be in two places at once; because it’s a different asaroth.

So what does that mean for people? If all reality is based on the individual interpretation and ideal then that would suggest that there are as many of you, as there are other people. To this I propose a question. Is the way that your wife/husband see’s you the same way that your mother or father see’s you? Do the people who hate you see you the same way as the people who love you? The answer is no they don’t. Each person interacts with their own interpretation of you as an individual. Each person interacts with a different interpretation of who you are as a person. Each person draws a personification of you that fits them. To conclude there are as many archetypes for you as there are people who know you… yet another piece that suggests you are infinite.

Now you may be thinking well yes but demons are just spiritual and I am corporeal so it doesn’t work. Well no it doesn’t. Reality isn’t corporeal at all, rather it gives the illusion of being corporeal, and since the all is mind, and reality is a projection by each individual you simply to other people are an interpretation that is as much in their head as an external force also… this plays with your head a good bit when you really think about it.

I have had fun writing up this piece and I know to some it may go over your head completely. Topics like this are hard to explain fully in a single article but I hope it at least gave some food for thought. I love talking about reality and this topic has had even me going in circles in my head for days… I love it. This truly is the search for madman’s knowledge.

Written By Asbjorn Torvol

Photography by Sara Lourenço’s Photography

All Rights Reserved



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