Magick & Spirituality Are Due For An Upgrade!!!

I Believe Many Magicians Today Are Stuck In The Past Using Primitive Methods For Magick!… The New Age Is Inevitable And Soon Technology And Magick Will Be Commonplace!!!

As with every article that I write there is going to be some degree of controversy involved. I like to talk about the issues many try to avoid for this very reason. In that small little title there are a few things that most likely grabbed your attention. Stuck in the past, primitive methods, new age and technology. I would guess many responded emotionally and defensively to my statement of being stuck in the past and using private methods and many others will have likely already had a strong opinion about the use of the term “new age”. So now let’s dissect my statement here.

I believe many magicians and spiritual practitioners are stuck in the past using primitive and outdating methods for magick. Now that is not to say that certain areas of practice are outdated as history can be a great teacher. I do however, feel that many of the primitive methods still being used today are long overdue for an upgrade. This goes not just for methods of magickal practice but also concepts that are outdated. With science as advanced as it is today with the ability to look at the very building blocks of reality and some of the deep complexities of the mind, spirituality and science now for the first time can go hand in hand and complement each other to an extend history never seen.

Yet even with science being able to explain certain phenomena and debunking certain experiences, many practitioners still cling to primitive methods and concepts. Let’s take Ouija for example. While the board itself is not that far back in history for a long time people have believed in its supernatural power, even long after ideomotor response has been documented, proven and made available for the public to learn about. Many still want to believe in the supernatural even if the evidence shows them otherwise. Many do not want to see the truth as it breaks their fantasy world (a growing and huge problem in our communities today). Yet even aside from these rather basic concepts let’s get a bit more specific.

Many practitioners are still using primitive tools in ritual work and few are implementing technology into their rituals as a more dominant element. We are still using sigils drawn on paper yet we have the technology to literally create the sounds of that sigils vibrational frequency. We are all still using candle flames as a focusing aid and yet we have the ability to create a slideshow of subliminal messages to manipulate our subconscious mind. We are all still using drums for music yet we have the ability to create an entire virtual reality space for our ritual. Technology has advanced exponentially in the past decade and few have been brave enough to include it in their ritual work.

Most magicians are still using medieval methods and tools, forgetting that in this day and age they are mostly outdated and irrelevant. Growing up and living in a technologically advanced world our minds (and more so our subconscious) is already programmed with a reliance on technology. That is a huge benefit to magicians and in time I reckon technology and magickal practice will be commonplace. We have the technology to measure energy fluctuations, heat changes in the atmosphere to measure the slightest of changes in almost anything. Technology can bring a much needed immersion to our ritual space. Imagine being able to create a virtual ritual space within your mind using just a few pieces of technology that captivates your main senses. I believe over time magick will be brought into this new age of technology. Just because magick is thought of as ancient… does not mean it cannot be upgraded and modernised. You go with the times or the times move you… will you evolve with the times? Or will you live in the past like a ghost?

Photography by Sara Lourenco’s Photography

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  1. Magick is and was already common place. The goal of the magician, like an artist, is to point out that which we take for granted so as to not be susceptible to the acts of ignorance.

    While the medium of magick can be altered, as you mentioned in the difference between a candle flame and a slideshow, their impact on the magician’s or target’s experience of reality is the ultimate indicator of how a working should be crafted.

    Simply watching a slideshow will implant the myths and belifes of its creator, just as the flame has myths and stories about what it knows about the creation of existence.

    Magick doesn’t need an upgrade, since it is the magician who revolves around Her wicked tendecies.


    1. I never said Magick wasn’t commonplace, I said technology and Magick being used together isn’t that common.

      you need to read more carefully to my words. This also had nothing to do with relying on technology but rather choosing to include it while it is available.


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