Our Community Needs Unity!!! Lets Elevate People Rather Than Putting Them Down!!!

What Our Community Needs Is Unity!… We Were All New At Some Point!… We Should Be Helping People Elevate And Learn Rather Than Putting Them Down!!!

The Occult, Magick & Spiritual communities can be a harsh and unforgiving place. This applies even more when it comes to newcomers. From the harsh judgmental attitudes of “community veterans” to the narrow linear views of the dogmatic pathwalkers, our community as it stands today is full of bickering, infighting and segregation. In the age where we can communicate with other thousands of miles away with the click of a button you would think our world would be unified. The sad truth is that we are further from unity than potentially ever before. Society and civilization has broken into an endless cycle, a trap, a prison that we have allowed ourselves to create. With the loss of debate and proper dialog many new content creators, experience sharers and vocally new practitioners are often insulted, pushed aside and attacked, simply because of their inexperience and naivete.

I believe it is important for us to acknowledge that we were all inexperienced and naive once. We were all once new to magick, spirituality and the occult. Yet it seems in our current day we are less willing to give the new, inexperienced folks a chance. We expect them to step through the door as experts. Almost an expectation for them not to speak until they have mastered all the secrets of the universe. Truth is many of the people in our community don’t want to give anyone a chance. Most cannot accept the vocalization of the new and yet the only way for these people to grow is to allow their work, experiences and thoughts to be gazed upon under the lens by those who do in fact know better.

We have created these unwritten rules that are enforced by folk whose personality I can only describe as hardened stone. They are so set in their ways that they will not shift… set in stone pardon the pun. These rules are commonly found and tend to be along the lines of, don’t make any content, videos, posts or comments on something you haven’t got years of experience in. Another is that youtube, blogging and any other form of public vocal expression is not for newcomers. Usually these rules are enforced by attacking verbally, character assassination and of course slander. It would seem are open minded, spiritually evolved community lacks the ability to give anyone a chance to make something of themselves and learn.

Now of course this doesn’t apply to every single person, but everyone will know of someone that this refers to. We seem to have forgotten that it is naivete and mistakes are what allows me to grow. We forget that professionalism, delivery and content take time to develop as to the qualities we have. I look at the first blog articles I wrote, the first videos I produced, and I think, wow… this is terrible. Yet I also acknowledge that it was because of my persistence and continued production that my talents grew and became refined. Again, I acknowledge the distance they still have to go. Nobody gave me a chance in my first days… but I wish they did. That is what we as a community need to do. Instead of putting newcomers down, pushing them aside and trying to break their want to continue, we could direct them on how to be better. Give advice and constructive criticism instead of insults. Aid them in progressing and evolving rather than trying to stamp out any potential they may have.

As Much As We Can Aid The Community In Its Growth Those Trying To Progress Have To Meet Us Half Way!…

There is however another side to this. There are some creators who cannot take criticism in any fashion. They cannot see the line between judgmental insult and helpful criticisms. This is something they too need to work on. The community has to meet each other half way and bring unity to our people. We have the ability to share experiences, teach what we know and aid in each other’s growth. Instead of debating semantics and bickering about different perspectives we could all be bouncing ideas, and vocalizing our expressions. Refining each other’s practice and gnosis. True ascent for us will be when the community stands together as one.

For too long have we put others down who don’t deserve it. There are some people who deserve to be called out… but that is not the majority. If someone has the desire to be vocal let them, and allow their words to be heard and considered. Even if that means criticizing it. Our creators have to allow their voices to be challenged and questioned. This is how we grow. We cannot have unity when we build walls to shut people out. We cannot be unified when we don’t give people a chance to become. We are all student, we were all knew, and progression always starts at square one. Just because some of us are higher on the progression chart, doesn’t mean those below us are worth less. We have a responsibility to see this community grow… so I will ask you this. Do you want this community to grow? Or is this community only for your elite?

Stay True & Stay Awesome

Asbjorn Torvol

Photography by Sara Lourenco



  1. Best piece I’ve read in a very long time. I made a light-hearted comment on Twitter a month ago, and was suddenly threatened to be “devoured”.
    I wasn’t intimidated, but if you’re young, or new to your chosen path, something like that could really stall your spiritual progress. Generosity is essential. A robust sense of humour even more so.


      1. We could start a small network, for people who want to ask basic or “silly” questions, without their feeling self-conscious or being afraid of being ridiculed.

        Liked by 1 person

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