Is Norse Magick Still Relevant To Our Modern Age?

Unlike Most I Believe Norse Magick Can And Is Relevant To Our Modern Age?… Embark On Your Vitki Initiation With My Comprehensive Pathworking!!

When I first started putting together my Pathworking of the Vitki I asked myself one very important question. Is Norse Magick still relevant in our modern day? It is a question that I had to seriously contemplate over a series of weeks to be confident in my answer for it. Through all the history and stories that exist Norse Magick seemed to be better fit for 1000s of years ago. They travelled by horseback and sailed on longboats. Fought with Swords, Axes and shields and lived in wooden huts. What do we have in common with these people of the past? Very little in terms of our technologically advanced world. Yet, I found in my contemplation of this question that the Viking people were not just an ancient group of settlers but rather a civilisation with in my opinion very sophisticated values. It is these values that make Norse Magick relevant. Let me explain why.

The Vikings were known for many things but there are a few that stand out the most. The first is there ability to adapt. They used what worked, what got results regardless of its origin, the crossbow is a perfect example of them integrating new technology into their military. Secondly, they were very liberal in terms of traditions. While they had communal traditions and common beliefs their practiced differed between household. Each individual household had their own traditions given them a very diverse community. It is my belief there magick was no different. They used magick that got results and took out dogma for true expression and result. This is the true spirit of the Vitki’s (Norse Sorcerers and Shaman) and Völva’s (Female wandering women/Seers).

I Have Formed A System Of Magick That Brings The True Spirit Of The Vikings To The Forefront & Leaves History Where It Should Be!

History is great, I love reading about it yet its not always relevant. I think we should all invest some time into acknowledging history and its progression but ultimately it is irrelevant today. Why would we need a sigil that guards a longboat at sea? We would find more use in something that protects a car. In my study of Norse History, I found the large majority to fit the needs of Ancient people and those needs are not the needs we have today. We turn on a tap and get hot water, thousands of years ago this wasn’t the case. Thus, magick has to evolve and change as we change. This is how I approached my path of the Vitki.

I created my pathworking system based upon the two main values discussed earlier. What works and individual freedom; not to forget relevance. I looked into the old sigils and modernized them, I took the old rituals and tweaked them as well as inventing completely new techniques based on historical inspiration. I have a question for you! If the Norse pagans were still around today would they use swords? Would they still live in wooden huts? Would they ride horses or cars? The answer to all these questions is easy, they would have evolved with the times and their beliefs and traditions would also. It is because of this observation that trying to replicate history is a fools errand not only because the Norse practiced an oral tradition, but because to replicate it is to try and practice a tradition that even the Vikings would have grown out of. If you want to be a historian that is perfectly ok. However, if you want to do this as a magician then you have to look at this in the modern sense.

The Vikings cared about legacy. They didn’t want to just repeat their forefather’s goals but actually make history. Every noble Viking wanted a saga to remember their legacy and what history they made. So why is today we are so reluctant to make new history? My pathworking takes this true spirit of the Norse and give you the freedom to add your own personal flare and needs, as well as walk a tradition that is authentic to Viking values.

I have put my life’s work into this pathworking and I am so happy to be the first person in history to put together a full and relevant pathworking system for you to reap the benefits of. I don’t want us to just follow history… I want us to create history.

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

Asbjorn Torvol


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