Is Our Community Oversaturated With New Creators??

Is Our Community Oversaturated With New Creators?… Or Is Spirituality & The Occult Just Entering Its New Age?… What Lies In Wait For Our Community Next!!!

Ten years ago, our community was vastly different. I had only just dipped my toes into the waters and didn’t know much about how things went. However, I have had the benefit of coming into the scene at a very young age. I was able to grow with magick as a part of my life from my very early teens to adulthood and it has stuck with me. However, the community is not the same as it was and it is continuing to change. Back in the day (as I hear old veterans of the community whisper in my ear) there were a handful of voices in the community, authors, public figures in any given area. Things were limited, streamlined and that was ok. Now however, everyone and their mother has a YouTube channel, book and presence on social media and this has caused a lot of contrasting views.

On one hand you have the people who believe that there are too many creators who are talking about things and it’s a bad thing. They are amateurs that don’t know what they are talking about, just doing it to follow the hype train. These often come with an old school, traditional veteran mindset. Now in some fashion they are right. Some people create a platform and talk about things they don’t know, some of those people claim to be experts and stroke their egos. Some people do it just for the hype and after a year will fade away and be forgotten. Few who take their work to the public stay there for long as its easy for them to fade. The opposing side of this argument however, is that the community is simply growing. It is coming out of its suppression and becoming more mainstream. People are losing their fear of expression and exercising their freedom of expression. This allows our community to have more information that people can choose from and gives us a wider platform that will further take us out of the old stereotypes. In my view both of these arguments have validity.

My view is a mix of both. I fully support the freedom of expression and ultimately when more people share thoughts and experiences it opens up more opportunity to develop our ideas and theories further. The more information we have to work with the better. The issue is that many who have their own channels don’t want to further ideas or debate. Instead they want validation and when ideas are criticized and dissected (not referring to judgment or insult) they get defensive and cut people off. Thus, a lot of these creators post information that isn’t tested and take away any real opportunity for their viewers to test them. However, this is a common concept in other areas. TV use to be a few channels, now we have youtube and several other mediums. Games use to be a few big companies now we have a huge influx of indie creators. Magick is no different in this respect.

I Believe Our Community Is Coming Into Its New Age!… An Age Of Progress But Also Ignorance!

I truly believe that the state our community is now in we are headed toward a new age. This is an age of both great progress as we further develop our ideas and revolutionize magickal practice. But given the saturation of new content creators I also believe we will usher an age where fantasy and untested work flourishes as much as the solid work. This is what I have commonly referred to as the pollution. It may be difficult to figure out whats untested and whats solid, at least to the newcomers. There is a lot of great things coming but it will come at a price. We are growing… but not always in the best of directions.

All progress demands sacrifice and, in our development,, we may have to sacrifice the streamlined system we had before. This is a tough topic to cover as the community is full of both great people who are expressing their thoughts and coming together, but ultimately we make it harder for new people to embrace the real spirit of magickal perfection. What are your thoughts on this? Where do you think our community will end up?

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

Asbjorn Torvol


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