My Name is Asbjörn Torvol and I classify myself mostly as a general magician but also as a sorcerer and shaman. I have over a decade of experience in the occult and in many different areas. I have trained under many great teachers such as William Allen Wheeler and had the pleasure to work with many great occultists and magicians such as S.Ben Qayin and E.A Koetting. I am a published author of several books such as “Magick: Its All In Your Head” & “Ramblings Of An Apprentice Vitki” as well as being a part of the biggest occult publisher in this industry “Become A Living God”. Aside from my work as a writer and author I am also a public speaker, spiritual consultant and a magician for hire.

In my time I have explored religion, philosophy, spirituality and magick. I have explored several areas of the occult such as Western Ceremonial Magick, Hermeticism, Thelema, and varying areas of psychological magick. I have also delved into necromancy through a deep fascination for the dead and the study of death itself. My true passion however is in Viking Magick and Psychological Spiritual Theory alongside my own magickal pathworking I have named “Glamour Magick”. In all of my work I always look to give a scientific/psychological background. My main principle is individualism over collectivism, perspectivism over dogma.

In my career I have worked with several organizations and people who have all aided in my growth. Yet in my time I have become the most controversial occultist of our time; so much so that my own audience have dubbed me “The King of Controversy and Drama”. I openly oppose spiritual dogma and collectivism as it is the death of true spiritual freedom. With this open opposition, many groups I previously worked with such as Awaken the North & The Asatru Community no longer associate with me even though I held high positions in both, because of my attitude against dogma. With being such a bold character, it is no surprise to see how divisive my work is to the collective occult agendas. True freedom is individual freedom, and this is my life’s work.