Without Vision There Is No Ambition!… And Without Ambition We Remain Complacent… Wunjo!!!

Happiness Lies In The Joy Of Achievement!… Good Times Are The Vision Of All But Also The Temptation Of Stagnation!… Wunjo Is The Essence Of Vision And Motivation!!!

There is an old quote that comes to my head every time I think of Wunjō. “Hard times create strong men, strong men create easy times, easy times create weak men, weak men create hard times”. Joy and bliss for the most part are seen only in their positive connotation and few ever really consider any negative side. This I believe is one of our natural human tendencies, to crave peace, joy and comfort while resisting anything that might threaten that. It is for this very reason many of us resist change so much. In that resistance we often miss out on great new opportunities for growth and evolution. We forget and in today’s society we have forgotten the value that hardship brings.

Wunjo in many respects is similar to Uruz and Thurisaz in their relativity to growth, only Wunjo represents the joy rather than the chaos, conflict and hardship. In my first glance at Wunjo given its relation to these other runes I have considered its surface meaning to be that fleeting moment of peace we have at the end of our journey. We reach our goal, our target, a milestone or even just the end of a chaotic journey, and we embrace the peace, comfort and joy that it brings. However, this Joy, this Bliss is a fleeting character in our life… at least for those dedicated to constant progression. Those who are dedicated to constant progression will say hello and goodbye to Wunjo several times in their path. The reason being simply that change brings conflict, hardship, struggle and chaos. Change is always belligerent. Comfort and change rarely stand together in harmony. Wunjo in this sense is a passing moment of appreciation… but let’s go deeper.

The first real lesson I found in my work with Wunjo is relative to that quote. Joy, Bliss, Comfort and Peace, while great to experience can lead to stagnation if one isn’t careful. Comfort can be addicting and when the need for peace and comfort overpowers all else and makes one resistant to change or progression, this becomes a huge problem. This is not to say that comfort is a bad thing, but like any substance to much of it can have negative effects, the need for comfort and peace is no exception to this.

The magician is always looking at the horizon. Further progression, Evolution and Ascent. Yet, none of these things can be achieved without change; and with change comes chaos and discomfort. Wunjo in this sense is gratitude, appreciation and in my interpretation defined as the moment we take to catch our breath, before moving further up the mountain.

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem:

Who uses it knows no pain,

sorrow nor anxiety, and he himself has

prosperity and bliss, and also enough shelter.

Aside from Wunjō’s relation to comfort and peace I have also found it to be closely relative to achievement and perhaps even order. In many ways Wunjo is one degree of the pole. Chaos and Order follow each other. Hardship and Peace follow each other. Wunjo is a half of another cycle. Organization, Fulfillment, Prosperity and Achievement. Chaos is the beginning of change and Peace is the end of it. Thus, Wunjo marks the end of goals, the grasping of our visions.

Without Vision There Is No Ambition!… And Without Ambition We Remain Complacent!!!

This rune is the very essence of ambition. The literal drive of creation. All creation is a matter of ambition and all success is first conceived through vision. Wunjo is our ambition and our vision and these are qualities that any successful person will have, regardless of how big or small that success is. Fehu is creation, but nothing is created without a vision. Take my own books for an example, none of the text would have been written if I did not have an ambition for the end.

It is for this reason it is important to have goals, have targets. To look at life and ask what we want out of it. To see what we want to create but also why we want to create it. Wunjo is the very core of what it means to see beauty and value. The very essence of what makes us want to live. Creation without any mind for enjoying that creation is pointless. Even the universe needs to remain non-complacent in order for any forward motion.

But how is this rune applied? Typically speaking most of what I have outlined here is theory? Wunjo is the horizon you are trying to get to. Mark your goals with the Wunjō rune. Invoke Wunjo for inspiration. Meditate and see your visions. Remember the lesson that lie within the core of this rune… only those bold enough to chase dreams are able to catch them.

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Fehu Is The Essence of Abundance And The Mark of Greed!!!

Money Is Often The Cause For Conflict!… A Rich Mind Is Fuller Than A Lined Pocket!… Fehu Is The Essence Of Abundance But Also The Mark Of Greed!!!

Out of all the Runes in the Futhark one of the most common runes to find practitioners using is Fehu, and this is no surprise given its somewhat obvious connection to wealth which by most translates directly to money. The word Fehu in direct translation is livestock and wealth and given how money is such a big motivation for magickal practitioners it is no surprise to see the livestock aspect almost completely forgotten by most. This is not to say that wealth is somehow bad or irrelevant but, it is not its sole focus. Fehu does have a strong relation to wealth for better for worse.

In my first day working with Fehu there were a few images that came to me. The first of these was the color gold. The second was the fact that it was the first rune in their alphabetical order. This said to me one thing, Fehu is the first sound and the runes are vibrations and sounds. However, to think of it as only gold and wealth to me is a big misunderstanding of its deeper meaning. I would say that Fehu doesn’t only represent money or wealth but rather value as a whole be it intrinsic or otherwise. The things that we value which could be love or knowledge are also represented in this rune. It connects to the things that we value whatever that may be and so when calling upon Fehu we are calling also upon value itself. This makes perfect sense in our society as most find value in gold or money itself. We even have a saying “your weight in gold” which resembles this much.

Another observation I had on this rune is its appealing quality. It is a rune that could be called upon to make something more appealing. Its gold correspondence which in my visualizations was a gold aura to me is symbolic of beauty. Our society loves gold and so much material beauty is centered around the attraction of gold. In fact, gold, itself is a symbol of great wealth. Thus, Fehu is the rune of beauty and appealing. A rune that radiates attraction to those who peer upon it.

There Is Value In All Things!… To Create Is To Breathe Life Into Beauty!!!

Fehu however does not only correspond with the abundance of common value but in all things.  Creation itself. The opposite of abundance is nothing and that is symbolic of Gunningagap. In fact, I would go as far to say that Fehu is the rune embodying creation itself. Nothing into abundance. Fehu is the rune of manifestation itself representing manifested reality. The rune of the corporeal world. To some degree this would make Fehu the rune of light and it is often considered a bright rune. It would also be fair to note the cow in the creation myth.

Old English Rune Poem

Fehu is a comfort to everybody,

though everyman ought to deal it out freely

if he wants to get approval from the Lord

Old Norwegian Rune Poem

Fehu causes strife amongst kinsmen,

The wolf grows up in the woods

Old Icelandic Rune Poem

Fehu is the cause of strife amongst kinsmen

And the fire of the flood tide

And the path of the serpent.

In the rune poem, it says that Wealth is a source of discord among Kin and I would agree with this. Money can be a complicated thing and does play a major part in conflicts. It only takes a quick glance at the general opinion on people who are rich from someone who is not to gather this. Those without money typically despise those who do, and those with lots of money tend to not care much for those without it. This doesn’t account for everyone mind. With this rune, one of the lessons I have found is in the realization that the more wealth we attain the more envy others may potentially feel toward us and as such we must be aware of potential discord. However, if we look at the Hávamál it does give some advice on our wealth.

“Hail, ye Givers! a guest is come;

say! where shall he sit within?

Much pressed is he who fain on the hearth

would seek for warmth and weal.”

The Hávamál to this extend and in relation to Fehu pushes us to share in our wealth. To enrich others and ourselves, not allowing ourselves to succumb to greed. Greed is the curse of Fehu and the mark is very easily to see on someone. This doesn’t mean only money but rather that which we can give. To some that may be knowledge, to others that may be joy. It could be physical things too such as food, water, warmth or even money. Thus, another lesson of Fehu is generosity, overcoming greed can greatly benefit one’s life and sharing with others may offer new opportunities, new insights, and more potential value. Help another when we can, but at the same time do not run ourselves dry. Another lesson is that there may be times we need help and it may cause discord when we ask others to help provide it. There will be times in our life where we need a helping hand, and that can be a big burden onto others.

One of the other important concepts with Fehu is to not let money, gold, riches, or wealth stop you from moving forward. Creation requires progress and you cannot progress while stagnant. If Fehu is the manifestation of things, creation, abundance then it is also the Rune of life itself. Life is always in motion and we move forward through work and pushing forward. We should be appreciative and grateful for what we have but never allow that to make us stagnant or complacent. We must see the value in things but continue to push forward with the currents of life and learning. There is more to life and magick than just money.

However, Fehu can also represent the lack of money and wealth. Poverty is something that rolls with the tides of time, as such we must be able to push through that poverty and with Fehu we should be like the wolf and hunt in the places he knows best. The reason the wolf hunts where it hunts is because he knows he will get what he needs there. The wolf sticks to what he knows, what he is naturally good at and as such abundance is natural. Know your strengths, know what your good at and recognize what areas need work.

When it comes to ritual Fehu can be utilized in several ways. Of course, money spells are all but common but one of the more uncommon uses for Fehu is its ability to bring life into something. If I were to create some form of fetish, talisman or magickal object Fehu would be perfect for breathing life into that item. Additionally, Fehu could be used in fertility rituals given its close relationship with life. Or be it simply to aid in the inspiration of new ideas the possibilities are endless with this rune.

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The Urge To Destroy Is Also The Urge To Create!… The Essence OF Thurisaz!!!

The Urge To Destroy Is Also The Urge To Create!… Nature Abhors A Vacuum!… Thurisaz Is The Essence Of Both Death & Destruction!!!

Often in the occult is death and destruction romanticized in almost a nihilistic fashion and yet even through this romantic overindulged idea there is however some real truth. Death & destruction by most people (especially outside of spirituality and the occult) is something greatly feared and almost seen as the sad end to something great. However, in reality this is far from the truth. Thurisaz by most accounts is a rune of destruction and pain. For rune magicians it would not surprise me to find a curse formed around the idea of being a thorn in someone’s side. Yet, in my own work with Thurisaz I have come to a slightly different perspective in my interpretation.

This rune is linked to what most ceremonial magicians would consider Saturn qualities. Saturn is the essential part of the cycle that breaks things down at the end of their life. It is not deliberately belligerent in a case to cause pain to others even if that happens to become a side effect. Death and destruction however are a very real part of nature, neither inherently good or bad for polarities sake. If I want to build something new on a plot of land I may have to tear something down that already exists in this place. Even outside of the physical sense in order for me to accept new ideas and conclusions I will have to destroy old ones that conflict or become outdated. For the most part this is a very natural part of the flow of creation. The harsh truth that in order for progress something somewhere must die or be destroyed in order to accommodate it. This can be seen both in nature as well as human tendencies, not to forget psychology and concept.

Now Thurisaz does contain a potential to be used as a destructive force against others in the baneful magick sense however, before jumping into this potential I think it is first more important to understand its deeper core. Thurisaz simply is the rune that ends the cycle, in order for something new to be born. In this sense the destruction this rune brings is also the initiation of new creation. The continuation of Fehu in some sense.

Old Norwegian Rune Poem:

“Thurs causes anguish to women,

misfortune makes few men cheerful.”

Old Icelandic Rune Poem:

“Thurs is torture of women

and cliff-dweller

and husband of a giantess

Saturn’s thegn.”

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem:

“The thorn is exceedingly sharp,

an evil thing for any thegn to touch,

uncommonly severe on all who sit among them.”

In the Old Norwegian and Icelandic Rune Poem I draw a completely different interpretation than what most will. The woman in the poem in my interpretation is a reference to the sacred feminine. It embodies the truth that the feminine quality is that which gives birth to creation. The first part of the cycle. This is why this misfortune of Thurisaz (death and destruction) makes few men cheerful, which we can see today in how most people handle death. Additionally, we have the reference to Saturn which also ties this in together. With all of this in mind, this rune is simply the end of the cycle. If Fehu is creation, Uruz is Progression/Evolution this would make Thurisaz Death. Beginning, Experience and End. These three runes outline the simply outline of life. Something is created, it lives and then it comes to its end. Thurisaz simply is the embodiment of the end.

The key is to remember that these three runes form their own cycle. Whenever Fehu creates it summons Thurisaz to end the cycle, and whenever Thurisaz ends a cycle it calls Fehu to create again. Nature abhors a vacuum and nature will inevitable fill that void. This can also be looked upon in another sense, directed at ritual. Fehu is the evocation, the calling, the conjuring while Thurisaz is the banishing.

Anything That Has A Beginning Also Has An End!… No Flame However Brilliant Does Not One Day Splutter And Fade!!!

Aside from the romantic nihilism of death and destruction Thurisaz can be taken into different context. This other context is simply put misfortune, torture and pain. In some ways this is similar to Uruz in that harsh negatives are a part of growth. However, Thurisaz in this sense to me is more focused on the human aspect. Saturn while relating to the end cycle is also known for causing a lot of chaos. In this sense Thurisaz is the human tendencies to want to bring misfortune, and pain to other. The Giants were the enemies of the Aesir and both sides wished great misfortune on the other. The Aesir were often in the myths the thorn in the side of the Giants.

This to me speaks of the nature of our human polarity. We love and adore certain people, yet we also have people in our lives we would happily see suffer. Each rune has a polarity perspective which we should always consider. But how would you apply this rather nasty and harsh rune into practice?

The first and most obvious is baneful magick. However, I feel there is a much better use for this rune over all. Banishing is a practice in magick that is paramount to the cycle of rituals. Calling upon Thurisaz at the end of a ritual to banish and clear the area would be a good option. Additionally, this rune could be used as a harsh method of healing. What most would refer to as dark healing. Putting this rune upon the body in the place of the illness with the intent to kill the ailment. In many respects this can be a more violent rune in terms of healing but the only way to rid of a cancer is to destroy it at its root. I will say this as a disclaimer that this rune is not a cure for cancer and should not be used instead of any medication.

Another option for this rune would be almost a different kind of road opener. Being able to create a vacuumed in your life with the intent of something being filled in. The only issue with this is the fact that you would not be directly choosing what fills that vacuum. Banishing seems like the most versatile option. Using it to banish old spirits and energies from a new house. In many senses this would also be a form of cleansing. The key to this rune is knowing how to apply it, death and destruction while hash, can be applied in ways that promotes the flourishing of life and new creations.

All Growth Is The Result Of Conflict, Struggle & Hardship!… Uruz Is The Essence Of Evolution!!!

Strength Is A Quality Forged In The Hottest Fires!… All Growth Is The Result Of Conflict, Struggle And Hardship!… Uruz Is The Essence Of Evolution!!!

Strength is a quality I have found to be greatly misunderstood. Usually strength is seen as the ability to hold oneself against challenges without being moved or effected by them. Like in the physical sense someone who can take a harshly thrown punch and taking no hurt from it at all. Now while strength can be taken in this very literal sense there is also another aspect to strength that while greatly romanticized by folks who feel a need to mask their own weakness, does have some great insight.

It is not often we associate the butterfly with strength, and yet its transformation into the butterfly and the breaking of its cocoon is a demonstration of strength that mesmerizes the few who truly contemplate growth. Simply put strength comes through struggle, strife, conflict and hardship. Additionally, these things are essential for any form of growth or evolution to happen. The butterfly however is a perfect example of one of the first lessons I received in my work with Uruz.

When the caterpillar ends up in the cocoon it breaks its entire body down and over time forms a butterfly. The butterfly has to break the hard shell of the cocoon in order to set itself free. However, at this stage the butterfly struggles and fights its way through the hard shell. If the butterfly is helped it will inevitably die. If the butterfly is denied of its fight through the cocoon it will not be strong enough for it to fly and as such survive. It is because of the struggle through the cocoon that the butterfly is strong enough to survive afterword.

There is an important lesson in this example. Struggle, Hardship and Conflict are essential for any form of growth or evolution. Even among humans (who let’s be honest tend to think of ourselves outside the rest of the animal kingdom) is essential to survival. Now this strength is not only physical strength but strength of all aspects. Mental strength is just as important, a strong mind is often more valuable than a strong arm.

However, this is more of a reference to becoming strong, again in which ever aspect that may be. Life is the metaphoric gym for this analogy. In order for us to become strong we have to go through certain trials and experiences. We have to experience pressure, hardship, conflict etc. A strong sword is forged in piping hot fires. It is the intensity of that fire that allows the sword to become strong. We are no different. In order for us to grow we have to allow ourselves to be forged through life’s struggles, hardships etc.

If we help the butterfly it will die… what does that mean for us though? In many of these situations we experience we cannot let someone else fight the battle for us. If we always have someone to take away the struggle, pain, conflict we will never be strong enough to evolve.

Let’s look at plants as another example. In the very early stages of plant life the small organism inside of the shell has to push though the hard outer-shell in order to grow and flourish. Nature has all these patterns that if we look closely enough we can begin to see. This is why it is so important to look into the pattern of the runes also.

Our Most Valuable Experiences Are Typically The Ones We Hated To Experience!… We Learn From Our Failures!

It has been said that we learn most from our mistakes and this is something I fully agree with. Our failures are our biggest lessons to learn and this is another facet of strength I find paramount to true progression. Being able to embrace our failure and learn from it, instead of running away and hiding from that contributes greatly to our progression; be that in a specific area or just life in general. It is the chaos of life that teaches us and molds us into who we are. Uruz in this sense is not just the embodiment of strength but also the essence of change. If Fehu is creation Uruz is the progression and change of that creation. A far deeper core than most will reach.

Uruz in this mind is not really strength at all but the power to embrace life at its bitterness and use that as an advantage rather than an excuse. The ability to charge head on with chaos and using it as a ladder to further evolution. Like the aurochs we stand strong and fierce on the uphill battle of life’s trials.

Old Norwegian Rune Poem:

“Dross comes from bad iron;

the reindeer often races over the frozen snow.”

Old Icelandic Rune Poem:

“Rain is lamentation of the clouds

and ruin of the hay-harvest

and abomination of the shepherd.”

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem:

“The aurochs is proud and has great horns;

it is a very savage beast and fights with its horns;

a great ranger of the moors, it is a creature of mettle.”

This does speak solidly to the other translation of Uruz which is water. Water adapts to the terrain in which it resides in. With all the rocks and crags in the waters road it none the less flows through even with the resistance. This is an analogy that should be taken quite personally. Being able to adapt to the surroundings or circumstances is one of the greater concepts of Uruz many do not touch upon. This quality of adaption is again one of the many facets of strength that is vital to the progression and evolution of the self.

So, let’s sum up as best as we can here. Uruz is the rune of growth and change. It embodies the concept that conflict, struggle and hardship is the medium to which we can grow. Embracing and using those to our advantage is the way forward in our paths. Ascension is climbed by the ladder of chaos and in order to progress anywhere we have to get out of the comfort zone and into pressure. To learn from our mistakes and allow the trials of life to guide the way to the success and evolution we seek. Like a river we need to be able to adapt to those situations and the uncertainty of circumstance.

However, how does this apply to ritual work? How can Uruz be implemented into practice beyond concept and theory? Well there are a few simple applications as always. To take Uruz in the typical physical strength aspect it can be used as a means to try and bring good health or literal strength. One of these methods I use to use was putting Uruz on my arms and legs when working out at the gym. Additionally, placing the rune around the heart area can be a good method for bringing in good health.

Yet, with these methods I find using Uruz as a means to induce change being one of the better applications. Evoking this rune to bring change into ones life or alternatively using this rune to bring conflict and hardship to others. Always remember the runes can be used in a more malevolent sense. I personally, would say person change is better fit.


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The Ladder To Ascent Begins With Knowledge!!! Ansuz is the Embodiment of Godhood!!!

The Ladder To Ascent Begins With Knowledge!… Wisdom Is Only Possible Through The Use Of What We Learn!… Ansuz Is The Embodiment Of Godhood!!!

Unlike most of the other runes Ansuz is one of the more unreferenced ones. Having only a single rune poem and a very vague translation one of the runes secrets reflects its own irony. At its core this rune is the essence of knowledge, wisdom and godhood. Ansuz or in other languages Ōs and Óss translate into a few different things. The first translation of Ansuz is God. Now while God which by most is a reference to Odin. Other that its translation simply to god it can also be translated into oak however “god” seems to be a more dominant one. In my first glance this translation spoke to me a rune of ascension. A rune symbolic of the climb to godhood. The rune of the Gods and of the practitioner’s path to self-divinity

Icelandic Rune Poem

“Óss is aged Gautr

and prince of Ásgarðr

and lord of Vallhalla”

In the Icelandic rune poem regarding Ansuz it seems to suggest a strong relation to Odin. During my meditations my mind was fixated on the idea that the god of knowledge Odin and Ansuz were tied very close together. It became clear to me what this runes purpose in my pathworking was. Ansuz is the key to new knowledge but also of new experiences. On one side its presence presents new opportunities to gain new knowledge, be that simply by revealing new enlightenments or any given subject and increasing my personal awareness. However, it also has a side of chaos that needs mentioning. We learn most from our mistakes and our failures, and this is a realization very hard for most people. Ansuz is like a mirror that shows us ourselves, and like a reflection it does not hide the things we try not to see. The first lesson of Ansuz is know thyself, but also the realization that we are imperfect.

One Of The Great Things About The Viking Gods Is Their Human Like Nature!… They Are Imperfect And They Do Not Hide From It!!!

The Viking Gods are far from perfect and all of the Gods have their flaws. It is for this reason I have so much love for Loki who is not afraid to call out the flaws of others. This is a truth that Ansuz has reflected to me. I have had to look in the mirror at myself and not just see the things I despise about myself but accept them. On the ladder to Ascension it is vital that the practitioner does not fool themselves into a reality that does not exist, and so burying the things we do not wish to see is simply casting an illusion over ourselves. All things begin with self and so if we are to ascend, we must first look within ourselves.

With these ideas in mind where does Ansuz best fit within the application of the practitioner? The first application is its ability to provide new opportunities to gain new knowledge and self-awareness. Meditation with this rune is a key example on how to apply this. Visualization techniques, meditation, chanting are all great applications. But there are more subtle ways of using this rune. If you want to gain new knowledge in a particular area putting the rune on the books you read, or on your fingertips as you read are good ways to subconsciously let this runes magick come into the self. Additionally, when travelling out of the home placing the rune on the back of the neck will subconsciously have your mind become more aware of things you will come across while out that will lend to this pursuit of new knowledge. These are only a few examples.

However, even with its strong relation to knowledge there is one more thing to focus more solidly on. The specific God aspect that the translation leads to. Ansuz is a symbol of the god self within. It is a symbol of godlike mind and as such its insights into ascent is invaluable. It embodies lessons akin to not just learning new things but applying that knowledge, to gain experience and then wisdom. As much as this rune is a present application it is also a sign of the future, a symbol of a desired goal. This goal is wisdom. Odin, is the god of wisdom, but also the god of poetry. In this sense Ansuz is not only a symbol of knowledge but a symbol of magick in that all sound both in the word and in song has a magickal undertone that manifests our reality. In sound, word and song we communicate with others. This is another lesson of Ansuz. It is a rune of communication. Be that communication be with Odin, the Gods, or our own god self. The very embodiment of the exchange of words, ideas and of course, knowledge. It is clear with all these little insights where the core of this rune is. The essence of Godhood and Wisdom.

For a ritual format I feel that it is best when evoking Ansuz into the circle to also evoke Odin. This is not necessarily an essential aspect to the ritual but one that I feel enforces the ritual greatly. Bring to forces intimately linked into the same space. Most rituals with Ansuz I would say will focus around being imparted new knowledge, enlighten and perhaps opening up to new experiences and self-awareness. How the practitioner decides to craft the ritual is up to personal preference. All in all, this rune is one of the trickier ones to explore with its very loose references and need for much deeper inspection. It is scattered in its mysteries, but such is the knowledge we so eagerly seek.

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Raidō Is The Essence Of Experience! What We Do Is More Important That Where We End Up!!!

Success Is In The Journey Rather Than The Destination!… What We Do Is More Important Than Where We End Up!… Raidō Is The Essence Of Adventure!!!

The rune Raidō also named Ræið Reið, Rad at its very core is the essence of the journey. That romanticised archetype of the warriors climb, or the struggle to success, all come to mind. In the words of Lao Tzu “The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” … and with this rune that is even more concrete. As stated in many of my previous written pieces the word rune means mystery and so with each individual rune, the conclusions are for the individual to interpret and determine. Yet even with this it is still common to find many similarities in the individual conclusions of these runes. So where do we start with Raidō?

In my own personal work of several mediations, evocations and ponderings with Raidō I have come to conclude its more dominant meaning and application in my work. This conclusion while loose is versatile. To me Raidō is the rune of Journeys and Adventure. It is the very essence of the space between setting a goal, target or destination and actually reaching it. It is the very essence of experience itself. With every experience we have both a beginning or cause which eventually reaches an outcome or result. Raidō is the space between those things. When Raidō is evoked into my circle, I am evoking the very essence of what it means to live, as what is life without experience. Many have come to conclude that the meaning of life is to simply experience and so in some ways, Raidō is the meaning of life. If Fehu is creation (as established in my work) then Raidō is the purpose of that creation.

Old Norwegian Rune Poem

Riding is said to be the worst thing for horses;

Reginn forged the finest sword.


Old Icelandic Rune Poem

Riding is of sitting a blessing

and swift journey

and horses toiling


Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem

Riding seems easy to every warrior while he is indoors

and very courageous to him who traverses the high-roads

on the back of a stout horse.


Modern Rune Poem – Joey Torvol

What builds courage and heart but the journey of becoming.

To throw open the gates of adventure and understanding.


Above are four Rune poems to accompany Raidō one of those poems being a modern interpretation of this rune. When I first began working with Raidō the rune poems were the only reference I took into my work. In each of these poems one thing stands out most. Journey, Riding and the less obvious adventure. This suggests that Raidō not only represents the experience of life as a concept but also its deep involvement with the events that occur in our lives. It is the literal door to opportunity and new experience. With this in mind there is a very clear application in mind for me with this rune. A Road Opener Ritual.

Every Magician Comes Across A Need To Manifest New Potential!… Raidō Is The Key To Unlocking That Gate Of Opportunity!!!

In my experience there always comes a point where I hit a wall. Magicians commonly once reaching a goal, target, result or perhaps just finishing a project will often find themselves lost trying to figure out the next step. Or perhaps the magician has a project or goal they want to attain but have no idea how to push over the first domino and gain the momentum. Raidō is the perfect rune for this. To evoke Raidō into a ritual is akin to forging the very key needed to open the gates to opportunity. It is always wise to remember that the runes will tools are entities in their own rite. They have their own individual consciousness and so approaching them in this manor is likely to yield far greater results than to simply chant the rune a few times.

This type of road opener can be performed in several different ways. Depicting the rune upon the self is a simple method. Placing the rune on the bottom of your shoes or inside them. If you have a specific opportunity, you wish to make such as business perhaps drawing the rune on your business cards. The applications are many. However, aside from the simply implementations there is always the option of a full evocation. Literally evoking the rune into the circle and petitioning/casting to bring forth new opportunities and goals. How the magician goes about that, is entirely up to their ritual structure and preferences. However, Raidō is not only useful for road opener spells and rituals. Each rune is multi-layered and so exploring their other applications into ritual are just as important. More so in Raidō’s case, it’s not about what Raidō can manifest for you, but rather your journey in unlocking that.

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Viking Runes Have More Uses Than Just Divination!!!

Viking Runes Have Much More Uses Than Just Divination!… Each Rune Holds Creative And Destructive Magickal Power!… How Will You Unlock Their Power?…

Do you want to be able to use the Viking Runes for more than just divination? Do you want to unlock a deeper more versatile power in your rune work? One of the things that itches my brain with spiritual communities is how typical working with the runes are. Most spiritual practitioners have a rune set that they use in similar fashion to tarot. Rune readings for divination purposes are all too popular, but what gets to me the most is how much value the runes have that many simply don’t realize.

The great thing with the Viking Runes is that each rune is said to have its own consciousness. They are not just symbols but also entities; that hold several different purposes for the practitioner to use. I see the runes much like E.A Koetting does, in the sense that the Futhark is like a toolbox. Each rune is a different tool that the Vitki or Magician can utilize in their work. Even with just a couple of runes the practitioner can make a huge impact in their magickal work. Divination in my view is such a small aspect of the runes compared to what else is available.

I Dedicated Nine Months To Learning The Runes!… I Explored And Experimented With Each Rune Individually!… If You Listen Carefully, The Runes Will Teach You…

When I trained under Dean Kirkland, I went through an intensive nine-month pathworking with the runes. The aim of this pathworking was to spend nine days individually on each rune. During those nine days, my only reference material was the rune poems. I would meditate every day on that individual rune and evoke it into my life. My day to day experiences that manifested through that evocation would teach me about their meanings, kennings and uses. I would have dreams, synchronicities and sometimes very clear manifestations of them into my life that were impossible to ignore or dispute. During this pathworking I learned some very important lessons. The runes hold very intricate energies, that in ritual can be tapped into, to manifest very specific results. The runes while seen as simplistic by many can in these circumstances become very deep but also specific.

The other great insight I received was the versatility of each individual rune. The word rune comes from Old English rūn ‘a secret, mystery’; not recorded between Middle English and the late 17th century, when it was reintroduced under the influence of Old Norse rúnir, rúnar ‘magic signs, hidden lore’. The runes for lack of better description are mysteries, they have no solid definition. One of my favourite examples of this is Fehu. Fehu while can be literally translated to livestock which many translate into abundance or wealth, can also be interpreted as creation itself. Abundance being a reference to created things and Fehu being the first rune, suggests it is the rune of literally creation. For this reason, I call Fehu the first sound.

So, what can you do to start implementing the Viking runes for more than just divination? The first step is to grasp a real understanding of what each rune is. Meditate with each one, evoke the rune into your circle and create your own conclusions with your findings. Then with that understanding look at ways to implement them into your mundane life. One of the things I love about the runes is that their implementation can be done as simplistically or as complex as you want them to be. If I want to bring some more wealth into my life I will draw a Fehu rune on my left wrist, visualising it glowing gold. If I want to work out at the gym to build strength I will put Uruz on the muscles I want to strengthen. Want to ground better? I would put Algiz upside down on my feet. These are such simple implementations that offer great results. Additionally, you can put these runes in complex rituals, literally evoke Ansuz into the circle and connect with the Gods. Harness Thurisaz to cause destruction. The potential is endless.

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