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Is Our Community Oversaturated With New Creators??

Is Our Community Oversaturated With New Creators?… Or Is Spirituality & The Occult Just Entering Its New Age?… What Lies In Wait For Our Community Next!!!

Ten years ago, our community was vastly different. I had only just dipped my toes into the waters and didn’t know much about how things went. However, I have had the benefit of coming into the scene at a very young age. I was able to grow with magick as a part of my life from my very early teens to adulthood and it has stuck with me. However, the community is not the same as it was and it is continuing to change. Back in the day (as I hear old veterans of the community whisper in my ear) there were a handful of voices in the community, authors, public figures in any given area. Things were limited, streamlined and that was ok. Now however, everyone and their mother has a YouTube channel, book and presence on social media and this has caused a lot of contrasting views.

On one hand you have the people who believe that there are too many creators who are talking about things and it’s a bad thing. They are amateurs that don’t know what they are talking about, just doing it to follow the hype train. These often come with an old school, traditional veteran mindset. Now in some fashion they are right. Some people create a platform and talk about things they don’t know, some of those people claim to be experts and stroke their egos. Some people do it just for the hype and after a year will fade away and be forgotten. Few who take their work to the public stay there for long as its easy for them to fade. The opposing side of this argument however, is that the community is simply growing. It is coming out of its suppression and becoming more mainstream. People are losing their fear of expression and exercising their freedom of expression. This allows our community to have more information that people can choose from and gives us a wider platform that will further take us out of the old stereotypes. In my view both of these arguments have validity.

My view is a mix of both. I fully support the freedom of expression and ultimately when more people share thoughts and experiences it opens up more opportunity to develop our ideas and theories further. The more information we have to work with the better. The issue is that many who have their own channels don’t want to further ideas or debate. Instead they want validation and when ideas are criticized and dissected (not referring to judgment or insult) they get defensive and cut people off. Thus, a lot of these creators post information that isn’t tested and take away any real opportunity for their viewers to test them. However, this is a common concept in other areas. TV use to be a few channels, now we have youtube and several other mediums. Games use to be a few big companies now we have a huge influx of indie creators. Magick is no different in this respect.

I Believe Our Community Is Coming Into Its New Age!… An Age Of Progress But Also Ignorance!

I truly believe that the state our community is now in we are headed toward a new age. This is an age of both great progress as we further develop our ideas and revolutionize magickal practice. But given the saturation of new content creators I also believe we will usher an age where fantasy and untested work flourishes as much as the solid work. This is what I have commonly referred to as the pollution. It may be difficult to figure out whats untested and whats solid, at least to the newcomers. There is a lot of great things coming but it will come at a price. We are growing… but not always in the best of directions.

All progress demands sacrifice and, in our development,, we may have to sacrifice the streamlined system we had before. This is a tough topic to cover as the community is full of both great people who are expressing their thoughts and coming together, but ultimately we make it harder for new people to embrace the real spirit of magickal perfection. What are your thoughts on this? Where do you think our community will end up?

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

Asbjorn Torvol


Romanticism While Appealing Is Misleading. What Does Our Unrealistic Ideas Tell Us About Magick?

Romanticism While Appealing Is Often Misleading!… Often Our Unrealistic Ideas Lead To Disappointment!… What Does This Tell Us About Magick?…

If there is one thing we are all guilty of from time to time, it’s a bit of romanticism. I know from my own life this has been something that has come up quite a few times. Last year when I visited Tombstone, Arizona to see the O.K corral and the Bird Cage Theatre. Every since I was a child I remember watching Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell in the 1993 classic film Tombstone. Throughout my years growing up I always wanted to go to there and see the history and stood where they stood. Last year I got that chance but having so many years to dream and romanticise I was ultimately disappointed to find over commercialised plastic guns and trinkets and the real feel of the old west non-existent. This disappointment was due to my high-expectation but that was because of the romanticism I had about this place.

In magick this is a common theme although not in the same context. Every single day without fail I will see a quote written by some “guru” or other figure who has romanticised things so much that the statement has become… well… simply incorrect. Here is an example:

“In order to eat, you have to be hungry. In order to learn, you have to be ignorant. Ignorance is a condition of learning. Pain is a condition of health. Passion is a condition of thought. Death is a condition of life.”

So, lets dissect this quote. “In order to eat, you have to be hungry”… I guess obesity really isn’t much of a thing then? Its pretty obvious to see where this quote is just plain wrong. Humanity has a history of overindulging and I can say from my own experience that I can and do eat when I’m not hungry. This while carries a resonant romanticism is for all intensive purposes incorrect. Let’s look at the next line. “In order to learn, you have to be ignorant” … No. ignorance is in fact the thing that prevents learning. Now my next point could be debated but I will explain as best as I can. Ignorance is to wilfully ignore necessary and present information. To say it another way, Ignorance is having the necessary information present to learn but choosing to wilfully ignore it. What the writer is trying to convey here is nescience which is not knowing something because the necessary information is absent. To quote Mark Passio, its in the word, IGNORE-ANCE.

Let’s look at the next line. “Pain is a condition of health” … well not really. Would you say that because I have back pain, nerve damage and I am painfully sick all the time that I am in good health? No, in fact quite the opposite. This line implies that Pain is a sign you are in good health which let’s face it is actually a sign something is wrong with your system. We then have, “Passion is a condition of thought” … but is it? What about thoughts of fear? My sister who has arachnophobia will not say she has a passion for spiders of the thought of them. Now you could say well she passionately doesn’t like them, yea sure. But what about random thoughts? Or thoughts planted by another? If I tell you right now to stop thinking, you will think about trying to stop thinking. That’s just a planted thought there isn’t any passion to it. We think about a lot of things that lets be honest have no meaning to us at all. Then we have lastly, “Death is a condition of life” … while most will get the sentiment here its more of a consequence than a condition, but hey, at least its not as bad as the rest.

Now I know what your thinking! Asbjorn, what the hell are you complaining about now its just a quote. You’d be partially correct. Yes, I am being nit picky to a degree, but how often does this same romanticism happen and how does that affect us? We all have a degree of susceptible to things around us. The occult, magick and spirituality has a lot of that romantic feeling just in the idea of it and we reinforce that with this “fortune cookie half-truth wisdom”- Opie Macleod. My question is does it do more harm than good? Does it drive us more into ignorance than enlightenment?

While Romanticism Is Appealing It Misleads It Is Often Picked Up As Truth!… Big Voices Can Say Anything And Have It Believed!…

One of the biggest issues with out community is the fact there are people in it who have a voice that people have learned to trust. This inherently isn’t the problem; the problem is that their voice is never questioned. Be it E.A Koetting or Frater Xavier, Be it myself or large organizations like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. People have lost the art of questioning and dissecting information and so much of this romanticism gets taken as truth. What begins as a misleading quote can turn into a principle that another now implements into their outlook on the world and magick. I want to make it clear I am not saying that anyone with a voice has to be responsible for what their followers do with their words but rather that regardless of who is speaking, big voice or not should be questioned on the merit of what they say rather than blindly believed because of their stature.

I have often said our community has a pollution and this I would say is part of that. We are to eager to believe what appeals to us rather than what is actually true. Even in subjectivity there are still somethings that are just incorrect as we have explored. While truth can be a tricky subject our goal should be to reach it, and that means being able to set aside the romanticism and accept it for what it is. I am happy to relish in the feeling of romanticism, but I have learned to always remind myself that it is not the reality and as such it is kept separate. The lesson here is simple, do not believe everything you read especially when your only reason for doing so is because it makes you feel good. Poison is usually sweet to mask the danger, and in trendy romantic wisdom this is no different. Question everything!

Stay True & Stay Awesome

Asbjorn Torvol

Spirit Animals – Genuine or Power Play?… My Observations On A Trendy Topic…

Are Spirit Animals A Genuine Concept?… Or Are We Simply Making Another Spiritual Power Play?… My Thoughts On Our Flawed Bias System!!!

It is no secret that the spiritual and magickal communities have a system that is deeply flawed as I have touched upon several times in my work. Often have I pointed out fallacies which are more often than not debunked with a little bit of logic and closer inspection. One of the dominating factors that I believe cause this, is our own bias toward our community (which in all honesty is a natural thing). There is a bias toward more or less anyone who wants to have themselves validated by others. I truly believe that there are many people in our community who wish reality was a certain way so much so that they would rather find away to justify believing that reality exists, rather than accepting what actually is.

Many have abandoned logic, common sense and basic science because it is a conflict to the fantasy they wish they could be in. Here in lies our flawed system. Instead of questioning these fancy concepts even when a logical argument arises many tend to look the other way, the typical see no evil so that they don’t have to change their own flawed ways. Its far easier to live a lie than to admit being wrong and then changing the mistakes that were made. This is of course a broad opening to the specific topic I want to address today. That topic is spirit animals.

Most if not everyone in our community will know this very common and somewhat trendy concept. It’s a popular thing to have a spirit animal and to figure out what your animal is. However, here is where I pose my first question. Is this a genuine and real concept? Or is this being used as a power play? Let me first say that spirit animals (and variations such as power animals) do have some legitimate history to be taken into consideration. Animists and shamans have been using this idea of our relation to animals for a long time. Yet, history does not always mean useful. In our community I have observed the telling feature that this concept is simply a masked validation for our fantasy world.

There are common choices for spirit animals (and I emphasise the word choice here) and even more common choices. Wolf, bear, lion, as my first examples turn up frequently. Yet things like, cockroach, dung beetle and garden worms never show up. These things are still animals. Now ok animals and bugs do have a clear distinction, but what about the rat? Or the turtle? The seagull or pigeon? It is clear there that the popular kids get picked first. We have hundreds of wolf spirit animals but not a single squirrel. Herein lies the bias. The majority are choosing their animal because it validates their own conceptions of themselves. It’s a romanticism that most don’t even realize they have. Its empowering to pick a bear or wolf but degrading to choose a worm or cockroach, as such we avoid the latter. Funny how even we spiritually evolved people still have this hint of looking down on lesser animals like the bugs as well as people in our spiritual conquest. Now let my say next that I realize not every person is subject to this, but I am talking generally.

It is my belief that the animal doesn’t choose us as many spiritualists believe, but rather we choose them. We pick these animals because of many potential reasons. For the typical average joe this is most likely a power play, pick an animal that makes you cool and superior. For others it can be simply feeling like you have something in relation. It’s not uncommon for us humans to relate certain traits to animals and then see patterns in the likeness ourselves. However, this is based upon our own bias and romanticism’s which is where the issue lies. The third is experiencing some kind of affinity toward a certain species of animal which again falls to bias. Often psychological concepts such as pareidolia (seeing patterns in randomness which does also account for this concept), Ideomotor and placebo end up debunking spiritual concept.

Now let me now say that in all honesty I have no issue with this concept and I myself have had spirit animals. But with all my work I try to take a non-personal approach and look at things from a Birdseye view. This concept doesn’t do much harm for the majority however, I think we should speak our observations more so when we are searching for truth and evolution. I think that spirit animals as a concept is simply our own minds trying to relate to the world around us and as things get popular and trendy they get abused and misinterpreted. This observation however, I think it is an important one so I want your thoughts on this observation?

Our Community Needs Unity!!! Lets Elevate People Rather Than Putting Them Down!!!

What Our Community Needs Is Unity!… We Were All New At Some Point!… We Should Be Helping People Elevate And Learn Rather Than Putting Them Down!!!

The Occult, Magick & Spiritual communities can be a harsh and unforgiving place. This applies even more when it comes to newcomers. From the harsh judgmental attitudes of “community veterans” to the narrow linear views of the dogmatic pathwalkers, our community as it stands today is full of bickering, infighting and segregation. In the age where we can communicate with other thousands of miles away with the click of a button you would think our world would be unified. The sad truth is that we are further from unity than potentially ever before. Society and civilization has broken into an endless cycle, a trap, a prison that we have allowed ourselves to create. With the loss of debate and proper dialog many new content creators, experience sharers and vocally new practitioners are often insulted, pushed aside and attacked, simply because of their inexperience and naivete.

I believe it is important for us to acknowledge that we were all inexperienced and naive once. We were all once new to magick, spirituality and the occult. Yet it seems in our current day we are less willing to give the new, inexperienced folks a chance. We expect them to step through the door as experts. Almost an expectation for them not to speak until they have mastered all the secrets of the universe. Truth is many of the people in our community don’t want to give anyone a chance. Most cannot accept the vocalization of the new and yet the only way for these people to grow is to allow their work, experiences and thoughts to be gazed upon under the lens by those who do in fact know better.

We have created these unwritten rules that are enforced by folk whose personality I can only describe as hardened stone. They are so set in their ways that they will not shift… set in stone pardon the pun. These rules are commonly found and tend to be along the lines of, don’t make any content, videos, posts or comments on something you haven’t got years of experience in. Another is that youtube, blogging and any other form of public vocal expression is not for newcomers. Usually these rules are enforced by attacking verbally, character assassination and of course slander. It would seem are open minded, spiritually evolved community lacks the ability to give anyone a chance to make something of themselves and learn.

Now of course this doesn’t apply to every single person, but everyone will know of someone that this refers to. We seem to have forgotten that it is naivete and mistakes are what allows me to grow. We forget that professionalism, delivery and content take time to develop as to the qualities we have. I look at the first blog articles I wrote, the first videos I produced, and I think, wow… this is terrible. Yet I also acknowledge that it was because of my persistence and continued production that my talents grew and became refined. Again, I acknowledge the distance they still have to go. Nobody gave me a chance in my first days… but I wish they did. That is what we as a community need to do. Instead of putting newcomers down, pushing them aside and trying to break their want to continue, we could direct them on how to be better. Give advice and constructive criticism instead of insults. Aid them in progressing and evolving rather than trying to stamp out any potential they may have.

As Much As We Can Aid The Community In Its Growth Those Trying To Progress Have To Meet Us Half Way!…

There is however another side to this. There are some creators who cannot take criticism in any fashion. They cannot see the line between judgmental insult and helpful criticisms. This is something they too need to work on. The community has to meet each other half way and bring unity to our people. We have the ability to share experiences, teach what we know and aid in each other’s growth. Instead of debating semantics and bickering about different perspectives we could all be bouncing ideas, and vocalizing our expressions. Refining each other’s practice and gnosis. True ascent for us will be when the community stands together as one.

For too long have we put others down who don’t deserve it. There are some people who deserve to be called out… but that is not the majority. If someone has the desire to be vocal let them, and allow their words to be heard and considered. Even if that means criticizing it. Our creators have to allow their voices to be challenged and questioned. This is how we grow. We cannot have unity when we build walls to shut people out. We cannot be unified when we don’t give people a chance to become. We are all student, we were all knew, and progression always starts at square one. Just because some of us are higher on the progression chart, doesn’t mean those below us are worth less. We have a responsibility to see this community grow… so I will ask you this. Do you want this community to grow? Or is this community only for your elite?

Stay True & Stay Awesome

Asbjorn Torvol

Photography by Sara Lourenco

Meditation Is Far More Than Just Sitting Still And Clearing Your Mind!!!

Meditation Is Far More Than Just Sitting Still And Clearing Your Mind!… Many “Teachers” Have Forgotten The Versatility Of This Art!… Meditation Is The Gate To The Minds Temple!!!

For much of my earlier years in spirituality and the occult, meditation was pushed upon me harder than any other practice. Many of my mentors would constantly remind me to meditate, clear my mind. Never was I given a reason why, never was I given a goal to achieve through this practice other than having a calm mind. It seemed meditation was important for some reason and, yet nobody wanted to give me an honest answer. Meditation is no doubt valuable and important, and yet many “teachers” have this notion that mediation is only about stilling the mind. This often gives the student the impression meditation means to clear the mind of all thought.

If you google the definition of meditation it will be defined simply as “the action or practice of meditating”. However, the interesting thing with this is that if you look at the synonyms for meditation you will find terms such as, “contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, prayer”. Interesting that while many teach meditation as a way to clear the mind its synonyms seem to suggest that thought is exactly the point of meditation. This is something I tend to agree with. Meditation is not so much about clearing the mind of thought but rather being able to enter the temple of the mind and look more directly upon your own thoughts.

Few meditations are aimed at clearing the mind. In fact, most meditations are aimed at fine tuning certain mind sets, and facing thoughts on a much more focused and direct fashion. Its hard to get in your head space when you’re in a state of constant distraction. Meditation is the art of mental gardening if you will. Tending to the garden of the mind… thank you Mr Rodgers. Let’s look at some of the misconceptions and make a more solid foundation for meditation; outside of romanticized wizard looking appeal.

All meditation should have a purpose and a goal. Clearing the mind might be the goal but it doesn’t define the purpose. Why should I clear my mind? What for? What circumstance? Many “teachers” are quick to hound their students to meditate but rarely give them an actual reason to do it. Meditating for the sake of meditating is pointless. You have to give it a purpose and by understanding that purpose you can choose the right kind of meditation. Let’s look at some examples:

You have a job interview for an important position. You are very nervous, and you feel it might affect your performance in the interview. A meditation to calm the nerves and reassure your mental state can help greatly to keep a natural state throughout the interview. To calm the self and your nerves. Next example: You plan to do a ritual to work with a new entity. You use meditation to help form an idea of how you will perform the ritual and then you use another meditation to start of the trance process. Last example: You have issues with intense emotions and its causing strife in your life. You use meditate as a way to ease your emotional intensity that prevents you from becoming emotional impulsive and making bad decisions.

As you can see with these examples each meditation has a very direct purpose. To many spiritualists are meditating for hours a day (apparently) and they don’t even know why. Without a purpose the only thing it accomplishes, is time wasting.

The Wise Monk On The Mountain Is A Good Fantasy But A Terrible Reality!… Meditation Is Mundane!!!

So many people want to be the wise monk on the mountain. Everyone wants to be the wise wizard. Yet this goal to replicate that idea provides nothing for our actual lives. Meditation is a mundane act. Using the moment, we are in to interact with our mindset to best suit our situation or desires. Meditation isn’t always sitting cross legged on the floor. Sitting at the window having a cigarette while you write down five things you want to accomplish that day is a meditation. Taking the time to assert and affirm your position before making a decision is a meditation. Going for a walk outside with the dog to the park is a meditation. It doesn’t have to be this complicated thing, nor does it have to be romanticised to the point of fantasy.

Meditation is a versatile tool meant to aid you in bettering your mundane life. To aid in making tangible differences in your life. It needs a purpose, it needs a reason. Tailor the meditation around the purpose. Sometimes we need to clear our heads, sometimes we need to dissect thought, reassure ourselves. Perhaps we have to sit and be overwhelmed in our own emotional state. Purpose is everything. Ask yourself why? And ask yourself, what difference will this actual make in my day to day life or circumstance? Don’t let romanticism take away from the real-life benefit that exists out there for you to take. Meditation is a tool, and tools all have a purpose…

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

Asbjorn Torvol

The Chakra System Is An Analogy To Get Your Shit Together; Not Spiritual Woo Woo!!!

The Chakra System Is An Analogy To Get Your Shit Together!… Spiritual Woo Woo Has Distracted Us From Manifesting Greatness!… Why Are Metaphors Always Taken Literally?…

Chakras have become a cornerstone area of spirituality and occultism that has always made me ponder. Every magician at some point has a seed of doubt in their work, usually about ritual success and if what they experienced was real or not. I have found my own doubt to be more helpful than that allowing me to question concepts that many seem to accept as truth without any kind of research or question at all. Chakra’s seem to be one of these things. Before even starting this article, I can tell many people are going to be ruffled and emotionally responsive. Talking about my views on spirituality through a more tangible and scientific lens tends to have the effect of getting under people’s skin. I will start this one with a disclaimer, take what I say with a pinch of salt. I simply like to take a more unorthodox view on spirituality and magick that what most do. I will also say that this article is not aimed at every single person, just the vast majority of the community. There are practitioners out there who follow my own methodology with this system.

Many people tend to buy into the whole Chakra analogy (as a literal concept) because of two main reasons. The first is that its trendy and popular in spiritual communities to do so. Secondly is because of its origin. The Chakra concept is found particularly in the tantric traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. They are conceived as an energy focal point, bodily functions or psychic node in the subtle body. They are believed to be part of the subtle body, not the physical body, and connected by energy channels. I personally do not fully agree with this statement and I will explain why.

We call these Chakras for a lack of better description energy nodes in the body. They are centres of energy within the energetic body of each individual. This use of the term energy is my first problem. Everything is energy, every physical thing is made up of energy that vibrates. There is no difference between the energetic body and the physical body, they are both energy. The separation of these things for communication of ideas is fair but the belief that they are separate is illogical. If chakras are indeed a thing (which in all honesty I think the name for these energy centres is unnecessary) then surely, they would be reflected within the physical body. Some correspondences of these chakras also seem to imply that. Root being genitalia, heart being the literal heart are two good examples of this. So why is this chakra system such an issue for me?

The issue for me is that the chakra system is an analogy for occultism. I do not believe there are spheres of energy at certain spots along my spine. I do however, believe that my body has a complex energetic system each organ being a centre for different things. For example, my stomach would be part of that system which is a nexus for my physical dietary health.  While an energetic system does exist within the body, seven spheres of energy along the spine is in my belief inaccurate and misleading. But overall, I see it as an analogy for good health.

I pose a question, what does it mean to align your chakras? Does it mean sit in meditation and visualize these spheres balancing out and spinning certain directions in order to somehow alter the energetic state of the body? While that meditation may have some effect on the body again it seems unnecessary. Why visualize the energetic change in my body through meditation when I can act physically to do that? I pose another question. What will make my over all health better, meditating on being health, or changing my diet and exercise routines?  My point here is that while the idea of being spiritually evolved through the use of these mystical techniques may be appealing, they do not offer any longevity in their effects or impacts on your living conditions. I can meditate every day on being healthy but until I implement an actual change into my behaviour and routines that will not happen. It seems for the most part chakric techniques only fool the mind into differences that do not last. It’s a distraction for real life changes. Now I am not saying meditation and other various techniques aren’t valuable. I encourage meditation to anyone. However, it also has to be recognized that meditation isn’t going to fix every aspect of your health, mind, and over all living conditions. Only action is going to do that. So, what is the analogy for chakras then?

The Chakras Are Symbolic Of Certain Aspects Of Our Health!… Aligning Our Chakras Is The Act Of Shaping A Better Lifestyle And Routine!!!

Each chakra in my view represents a different aspect of our health. Things that we know make very tangible effects on our reality, on our living conditions. Let’s start at the bottom and work the way up. The root Chakra symbolized often by our genitalia, is symbolic of our sexual health. Being sexually unhealthy as we know can end up causing a lot of negative effects on our overall living conditions and behaviours. Aligning or balancing this chakra is the act of having a healthy sexual life (different for each person). The Sacral is symbolic of our dietary health. Not eating healthy can have huge effect which I shouldn’t need to point out here. Aligning this chakra is to have a healthy diet. The solar plexus is our physical health. Are our bodies being kept to optimum health, exercise is important to keep our body in good health. The heart is our emotional health. The heart which circulates blood which can be affected by stress levels and emotions being a clear indication. Also, the heart is symbolic over our over all physical health. The throat is symbolic of our words. The words we speak have an impact on our reality, words manifest reality. The brow is our outlook on the world. The way we see reality can have huge effects. Those who live with a very negative outlook often suffer from a negative reality and vice versa. The crown simply is the mind. Our thoughts, healthy thoughts are essential for good health. The crown literally is our physiological health.

Balancing or aligning these chakras is literally taking care of your health in all aspects. From sex, diet and exercise all the way to psychological processes and relationships. In essence, it’s getting your shit together. Aligning these chakras by taking physical action will make each life much more fulfilled and happy. Leads to success, happiness, and overall satisfaction. This idea is the idea of creating ideal living conditions. Meditation alone will not do this. I think that many people get pulled in to the idea of mystical techniques that they forget the goal of making a real impact on their life. Something that can be felt, measured and experiences. Mystical techniques might fulfil a mental appeal but overall, they make very little change in one’s life. Many take metaphors literally and loose the true insight concepts like this give.

Now what I will say is that I am not saying Chakra work is pointless. Taken in the physical action sense I think it can be useful, but the problem lies in many people only wanting to partake in mystical techniques without any idea of what the goal is. Stimulating the minds appeal is great but the results in doing so are limited. The physical and the energetic are not different, all physical things are energy and this separation is one many miss. My last question to you for those who will argue that the mind can do these things is this: What is easier for the average person to do, change the physical through physical action? Or change the physical in thought only? Action is essential… and this concept is not an exception to that rule.

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!


The War On Christmas Is A Delusional Idea!… Will Pagans Ever Be Happy???

The War On Christmas Is A Delusional Idea!… Are Pagans And Occultists Ever Going To Be Satisfied?… Leading By Example Is A Quality Possessed By Few In Our Community!!!

It’s that time of year again that seems to come around every year like clockwork. Where pagans express their deep resentment for the holiday season and its presentation. Coined the War on Christmas this year it has been kicked started a little earlier than usual. Scrolling through my feed on Facebook I came across an article titled “Pagan shoppers vow to boycott Tesco over Christian family yuletide advert” link is in the credits of this article. Now for my American viewers out there Tesco is a grocery store very much alike Walmart that caters to millions of people all around the United Kingdom. Simply put Tesco is a corporation. I have also put the commercial link in the credits.

This time of the year many pagans join this war on Christmas. Companies get boycotted and verbally attacked by pagans, typically because they feel they are not be represented. It is also fair to say that many pagans feel that their history is being stolen and no acknowledgement for their holidays are being given. However, the more dominant reason I have found is that pagans are annoyed that they are not invited to the corporate party. This singlehandedly is the most stupid thing that pagans and occultist alike do. I am going to go out and say it. This war on Christmas is stupid and pagans are never going to be satisfied with any outcome that could come from this outrage. Most of the outrage is for a couple of reasons.

The first is that commercials do not include pagans. Like the Tesco advert they tend to portray other families and religions but not pagans. Now for the most part, many corporations are becoming more diverse in their advertisements, but in all reality, it doesn’t really matter. I pose here a question. If a corporation such as Tesco were to include pagans, witches and occultists alike in their commercial how many of those pagans would then complain that they were misrepresented? Probably most of them. Every time a Witch or Pagan that  has been depicted in Hollywood movies has resulted in the same outrage happening, because of pagans being misrepresented. The fact remains is that they are never going to be represented in the way they like. Corporations deliberately tweak the reality of different types of families, filter them and perfectionize the image because it makes people more likely to buy their products. Its an advertising technique to tweak the truth to make it more appealing to the viewer. Anyone who thinks that a typical add of a Christian family is accurate is just as easily manipulated as the rest of corporate consumers.

Secondly the fact is that corporations are businesses. Their purpose isn’t to represent any specific people but rather to make money from their biggest audience. Let’s look at the numbers. It is estimated that there are 280 million Christians in the United States, and there are estimated over 1 million pagans. Now of course we have to consider that these numbers are estimates, and many pagans are in the closet about their lifestyle. Yet, even with these loose numbers it is pretty clear to see the difference in how many Christians there are vs Pagans. My point here is that corporations exists to make money and, so they will always appeal to the biggest audience. Christianity is by far the lead in the numbers game. The fact that pagans want a corporation to represent them in the first place is laughable.

You Are Not Responsible For Your Forefathers Mistakes!… You Are Only Responsible For Your Actions!!!

This Second reason for this outrage I want to bring up is probably the most important of them all. History! Many pagans are still pissed off about the burning times, about pagans being slaughtered by Christianity thousands of years ago and pagan holidays being altered for other religions. Let me start by saying, yes pagans in history have been mistreated and wronged. However, in today’s modern day apart from the odd case here and there that doesn’t happen. Christians of today are not responsible from the atrocities committed hundreds and thousands of years ago. Blaming a Christian for stealing your holiday and killing your people is a bit like blaming someone in Asatru for burning a village, pillaging their gold and raping their women because their ancestors did it. Nobody is responsible for the actions of their forebears.

There is however one aspect of this that gets a little murky and this is the point about pagan holidays being stolen. Now to some degree this is true, however Christianity is not the only one guilty of this. Every tribe in history will have taken religious ideas from other tribes. Two tribes would have different gods, they go to war over those gods, the winner them implements what they like from the other tribe’s faith into their own. It just so happens Christianity is the largest example of this. But, is the holiday really stolen?

Pagans can still practice those holidays in their original context if they wished. Paganism and pagan rituals are not outlawed in today’s world. Yet Pagans are still offended and outraged by Christmas. Every holiday that we have comes from somewhere, be it from previous faiths or something else. Yet the longer it is practiced the more it comes out of its original context and into simply a tradition. It becomes its own entity. It is for this reason that Yule and Christmas are not the same thing and their origins are irrelevant to the argument of should they be practiced. For the most part pagans just can’t deal with Christians doing their thing. They have huge baggage towards Christians. In many cases in these communities its trendy to be a pagan and hate Christians. Funny how pagans act exactly like the extreme Christians they claim to be so different from.

Christmas is a Christian holiday; their symbolism was adapted into their faith. Sure, the symbolism was taken from paganism and altered, but pagan symbolism was not replaced as we still have a lot of it today. It is entirely possible for Pagans and Christians to practice this time of year in whichever way they want without them conflicting. It’s just pagans want to complain about the Christmas. My overall point, is that pagans are complaining about Christians stealing their holidays, when in fact all they have done is continue a tradition they were taught from their own family. The holiday has changed and evolved from a theft of symbolism into a household tradition, to the extent that even non-Christian households celebrate Christmas.

Pagans are delusional if they think they will ever be happy trying to fight this war. It is a war created by themselves because they can’t get over their Christian baggage. Things could be so much simpler if everyone did their own thing and stopped worrying about what everyone else is doing and how corporations want to spend their advertising money. The key to this is to stop caring what Christians are doing and focus on your own path. Pagans… get over your baggage… and have a happy fucking holidays!!!

Stay True & Stay Awesome


Trance Is Much More Than Just Meditation!!!

Getting Into Trance Is A Very Deliberate Art!… Mistaking Meditation For Trance Is A Common Misjudgement!… Learn To Start Inducing Trance Like A Pro!!!

Do you have problems inducing a trance? Do you sit in your meditative state waiting for the trance to happen? Are you struggling to find good information on how to successfully enter a trance state? One of the most common problems my clients have when they come for advice in a consultation is being able to induce trance for their ritual work. Having done a lot of study in my early years of practicing it isn’t uncommon to find this issue. One of the main reasons this problem exists is because of the misinformation and lack of decent information out there. While good information does exist out there many are looking for it in the wrong place also. So, let’s break it all down and start with what a trance actually is.

A trance is a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis. The first key to understanding the mechanics of a good trance is in that one key word; Hypnosis. Many in the occult look at shamanic resources and ritualistic outlines forgetting how useful hypnotism can be. While many magicians have invested time into self-hypnosis there are a large majority who stay clear of it. A trace state regardless of how view it, is in fact hypnosis. By definition hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Now the key word in this is voluntary action. Let’s change that up a little and call that conscious action. In a hypnotic state what is happening is the conscious mind is overloaded with so much information that it breaks down and opens up the subconscious mind, allowing it to take a more dominant role.

Now without going too much into hypnosis let me give you so key information to help you understand this next part. As a rough estimate your conscious mind makes up around 12% of your brains function and 88% is subconscious. Your conscious mind can only take in so much information before it overloads and opens up to the subconscious. When the conscious mind is overloaded with that much information (different people can take different volumes of information at one time) the mind enters into a hypnotic trance. One of the biggest misconceptions is that a hypnotic trance makes you completely out of it; this is in fact false. If you have ever driven your car to work and can’t remember the journey there, or got ready in the morning without thinking, that is hypnotic trance. We simply refer to it as being on autopilot. The subconscious follows out a routine without any real conscious thought. This is a trance state. But what does this have to do with trace for magickal work? Well let’s get into that, as this understanding will open the door to a better ritual trance.

Sitting In The Circle Waiting For The Trance To Happen Will Likely Fail!… You Have To Actively Induce The Trance Through Manipulating Your Own Mind!!!

The key to trance is one simple understanding. You need to overload your conscious mind with as much information as possible. This has to be done deliberately. Now all the components in your ritual will start to make a lot more sense. What constitutes as information to your conscious mind? Simply all of your five senses. The gateway to trance is your ability to utilize all of those five senses in order to force your own mind into that trance.

This is where the fun part begins. The five senses are what you need to capture. Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste & Touch. Some of these are harder than others but not impossible. First you need visuals. Candles, the setting of the room, potentially a video relative to the spell or evocation, flashing images are all great examples. Additionally, don’t just choose one thing for each sense but several. For sound, play 3 different tracks; one musical track, 2 ambient tracks like nature sounds. Smell, light different incenses, Taste, potentially chew or drink something throughout the ritual to bring attention to taste. Touch is one of the simpler ones. Have something tactile in your hands to fidget with. Now the important element here is to have all of these senses being stimulated at the same time, constantly switching between the focus smell the incense, then drink some of the wine, touch a different object etc. While all of this is going on you are rocking back and forth creating body movement while actively thinking of relative thoughts. All of these things will overpower your mind and induce that much needed trance.

Trance is a lot more than just a meditative state, it is an art that requires a firm understanding of your own mind and its limits. Most people are in and out of trance on a regular basis but the difference here is that you are doing it intentionally. The mind is our most powerful tool, but it also has its softer spots which is why we are able to break it down. Open your mind to more than just a meditation… and see how far your results benefit.

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Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

Asbjorn Torvol

Do You Want To Make Magickal History? Or Simply Repeated It?…

History Is Hugely Convoluted!… When Magick Is Based Only In Historical Accuracy We Lose A Vital Creative Element!… Do You Want To Make History? Or Simply Repeated It?…

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it… but those who live in the past are doomed to only live it. A bit of a twist on the original quote but a view I hold rather strongly. When I get newcomers asking me for beginner tips and guidance I usually ask them one thing; “do you want to make history or simply repeat it?” The reason I ask this is because of how strongly the majority of community’s cling onto their historical accuracy. Now, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with acknowledging the historical accuracy of any given thing, and I am all for being aware of the origin any given thing comes from, but there is one thing that magickal practitioners should take into account. Magicians as a whole are looking to gain manifested results from magick; a magician and a historian are two different things. If you are here just for the history then that’s fine, but if you are looking for results as a magician, history may be the trap the prevents you from getting it.

First of all, lets address the fact that history is greatly convoluted. More so when it comes to ancient religions and traditions. Take the Vikings for example. Many if not all of the texts that exist on the mythology and history are not entirely an accurate representation of those times. For one the Norse tradition was an oral one, passed down through words rather than texts. Each household also had their own individual traditions making a collective tradition unachievable for the most part. Additionally, when things are passed on orally which also accounts for traditions such as Celtic, Druid, Shamanic and Witches as a whole, things get changed with each passing. Like a game of Chinese whispers what gets passed down to the next changes every time, with new and different interpretations, things get forgotten etc. The historical accuracy of these so called ancient traditions by most accounts don’t exist.

What Was Relevant In The Past Isn’t Now!… If The Old Doesn’t Evolve It Becomes Outdated!… Acknowledge, Adapt, Improve!!!

With this historical accuracy issue in mind when the magician (not the historian) chooses to base their magick only on history they can lose a vital create element in their magick. They end up repeating the old methods that for the most part are outdated and their results can hinder from that lack of present relevance. Let’s look at the Helm of Awe or the Aegishjalmur as an example. Historically it is said the Helm of Awe was meant to put fear into the enemy in battle, yet in the modern day the majority of people use it as a protection symbol. Why? Because interpretations and kennings change as time goes on. This does not mean that the old meaning is wrong, as rightfully so it is historically more accurate. But in terms of getting results most magicians will get results as a protection symbol as it has been ingrained more heavily in their own mind and validated by a vast majority of other practitioners.

What was relevant in the past is irrelevant now. What would you rather do, wash your clothes by hand in a metal basin? Or put them in the washing machine? Most will choose the washing machine as it is quicker, easier and more efficient. Magick is no different. Newer methods, models and interpretations are much more up to date with current paradigms and programming’s. The ancient ways have evolved into the newer age for us to make them more efficient.

A lot of practitioners seem to be afraid to make history as they feel since it’s not the norm, or because it’s not historically accurate it makes them some sort of heretic perhaps. Yet the only way these things evolve is through one person trying something new. Evolving, tweaking and changing the method. This is where the magician’s creative element is essential. With most history being inaccurate and difficult to follow it is up to the magician to acknowledge the history that is there, and create new history. To pave a new road for progress through their own creative ability rather than the text of an ancient person that could have been completely wrong in their documentations. History is for the historians to preserve and if that’s you, that’s fine. But the magician bases their path on what works and gets the results, not what bias historical writers deemed to be a true representation of history.

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Asbjorn Torvol

Photography by Sara Lourenco

Magick & Spirituality Are Due For An Upgrade!!!

I Believe Many Magicians Today Are Stuck In The Past Using Primitive Methods For Magick!… The New Age Is Inevitable And Soon Technology And Magick Will Be Commonplace!!!

As with every article that I write there is going to be some degree of controversy involved. I like to talk about the issues many try to avoid for this very reason. In that small little title there are a few things that most likely grabbed your attention. Stuck in the past, primitive methods, new age and technology. I would guess many responded emotionally and defensively to my statement of being stuck in the past and using private methods and many others will have likely already had a strong opinion about the use of the term “new age”. So now let’s dissect my statement here.

I believe many magicians and spiritual practitioners are stuck in the past using primitive and outdating methods for magick. Now that is not to say that certain areas of practice are outdated as history can be a great teacher. I do however, feel that many of the primitive methods still being used today are long overdue for an upgrade. This goes not just for methods of magickal practice but also concepts that are outdated. With science as advanced as it is today with the ability to look at the very building blocks of reality and some of the deep complexities of the mind, spirituality and science now for the first time can go hand in hand and complement each other to an extend history never seen.

Yet even with science being able to explain certain phenomena and debunking certain experiences, many practitioners still cling to primitive methods and concepts. Let’s take Ouija for example. While the board itself is not that far back in history for a long time people have believed in its supernatural power, even long after ideomotor response has been documented, proven and made available for the public to learn about. Many still want to believe in the supernatural even if the evidence shows them otherwise. Many do not want to see the truth as it breaks their fantasy world (a growing and huge problem in our communities today). Yet even aside from these rather basic concepts let’s get a bit more specific.

Many practitioners are still using primitive tools in ritual work and few are implementing technology into their rituals as a more dominant element. We are still using sigils drawn on paper yet we have the technology to literally create the sounds of that sigils vibrational frequency. We are all still using candle flames as a focusing aid and yet we have the ability to create a slideshow of subliminal messages to manipulate our subconscious mind. We are all still using drums for music yet we have the ability to create an entire virtual reality space for our ritual. Technology has advanced exponentially in the past decade and few have been brave enough to include it in their ritual work.

Most magicians are still using medieval methods and tools, forgetting that in this day and age they are mostly outdated and irrelevant. Growing up and living in a technologically advanced world our minds (and more so our subconscious) is already programmed with a reliance on technology. That is a huge benefit to magicians and in time I reckon technology and magickal practice will be commonplace. We have the technology to measure energy fluctuations, heat changes in the atmosphere to measure the slightest of changes in almost anything. Technology can bring a much needed immersion to our ritual space. Imagine being able to create a virtual ritual space within your mind using just a few pieces of technology that captivates your main senses. I believe over time magick will be brought into this new age of technology. Just because magick is thought of as ancient… does not mean it cannot be upgraded and modernised. You go with the times or the times move you… will you evolve with the times? Or will you live in the past like a ghost?

Photography by Sara Lourenco’s Photography

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