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My Greatest Trial Was To Rely Only On Myself!!!… The Gods Smile When You Do It Yourself!!!

I Gained Invaluable Results From The Norse Gods!… But I Found My Greatest Trial Was To Rely Only On Myself!… The Gods Will Smile When You Do It Yourself!!!

“The gods will smile upon you if you can do it yourself”. I made this statement in my very first conversation with E.A Koetting. When discussing the magick I had learned in my pathworking of the Vitki system I explained that while the Gods can be called upon to give you results they will respect you more if you can do it without them. This statement still rings true today perhaps even more so in my developments since. I worked with several of the Gods in my pathworking. The Allfather Odin, The Mighty Thor, The Righteous Tyr not to forget old Loki and beautiful Freyja. However, in my work with them I learned one very important lesson…

“Why is it that the gods give with one hand… and take with the other?”- Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings TV Show)

I remember one of the most synchronistic moments in watching the Vikings TV show one night after my work. It was the scene where Ragnar loses his unborn baby. It hit me like a hammer of relativity. I was at a point in my life where mine was crumbling. I was watching the things I thought I was meant to have crumble before me and new things come forth. I asked myself the same thing to my old Patron Thor that cold snowy winter night in Flagstaff Arizona. “Thor why do you provide me with something I grow to love, care and fight for but then take it away in the name of progress and sacrifice? Worst of all then judge me for it”. I realised where the Gods really stood in my path.

The path to Ascent doesn’t begin when asking Gods and Entities to provide you with riches and manifestations in the circle. No, that what dabblers do. Ascent, begins when you stop asking the Gods to provide and you begin to do it yourself with your own Godlike power. Your own creative divinity within. This was my lesson, to work with the Gods, and learn from them, but manifestation is up to me… not them.

The Path Of The Vitki/Volva Is One Of Responsibility In All Aspects!… To Rely On Gods For Necessity Is Not Enough!!!

The path of the Vitki is a system of magick that requires the practitioner to take full control of their life and this means responsibility, accountability and most of all to be independent. While we all need a helping hand sometimes to ask the Gods to give handouts is a risk and I am the example of this. They can help by teaching you, but the more you ask of them in terms of manifestation the more you risk other things being taken away from you. Yet, when you begin to take your control back and make the manifestations you need through your own will and magick you become the God. This is part of the reason we do this. In this pathworking building favour with the Gods is necessary as is dedication. But the reason for this is not to cash in a handout check. It is to learn from them and be taught the skills to help you climb the ladder of ascent.

My pathworking system cuts out this cheap offer and receive magick and gives you a system that will force you to adapt into taking full control of your life. To rely on the Gods for all your needs is to give away all of your divine power to do that yourself and as a spiritual entity it makes you weak. It is for this reason many fail at this system. They want results but try to get another figure to do it for them. My system will give you back your power and provide you with the tools to allow that power to take you to the throne on which the Gods sit. Do not be a slave to the gods…. Be a god!

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

Asbjorn Torvol


Is Norse Magick Still Relevant To Our Modern Age?

Unlike Most I Believe Norse Magick Can And Is Relevant To Our Modern Age?… Embark On Your Vitki Initiation With My Comprehensive Pathworking!!

When I first started putting together my Pathworking of the Vitki I asked myself one very important question. Is Norse Magick still relevant in our modern day? It is a question that I had to seriously contemplate over a series of weeks to be confident in my answer for it. Through all the history and stories that exist Norse Magick seemed to be better fit for 1000s of years ago. They travelled by horseback and sailed on longboats. Fought with Swords, Axes and shields and lived in wooden huts. What do we have in common with these people of the past? Very little in terms of our technologically advanced world. Yet, I found in my contemplation of this question that the Viking people were not just an ancient group of settlers but rather a civilisation with in my opinion very sophisticated values. It is these values that make Norse Magick relevant. Let me explain why.

The Vikings were known for many things but there are a few that stand out the most. The first is there ability to adapt. They used what worked, what got results regardless of its origin, the crossbow is a perfect example of them integrating new technology into their military. Secondly, they were very liberal in terms of traditions. While they had communal traditions and common beliefs their practiced differed between household. Each individual household had their own traditions given them a very diverse community. It is my belief there magick was no different. They used magick that got results and took out dogma for true expression and result. This is the true spirit of the Vitki’s (Norse Sorcerers and Shaman) and Völva’s (Female wandering women/Seers).

I Have Formed A System Of Magick That Brings The True Spirit Of The Vikings To The Forefront & Leaves History Where It Should Be!

History is great, I love reading about it yet its not always relevant. I think we should all invest some time into acknowledging history and its progression but ultimately it is irrelevant today. Why would we need a sigil that guards a longboat at sea? We would find more use in something that protects a car. In my study of Norse History, I found the large majority to fit the needs of Ancient people and those needs are not the needs we have today. We turn on a tap and get hot water, thousands of years ago this wasn’t the case. Thus, magick has to evolve and change as we change. This is how I approached my path of the Vitki.

I created my pathworking system based upon the two main values discussed earlier. What works and individual freedom; not to forget relevance. I looked into the old sigils and modernized them, I took the old rituals and tweaked them as well as inventing completely new techniques based on historical inspiration. I have a question for you! If the Norse pagans were still around today would they use swords? Would they still live in wooden huts? Would they ride horses or cars? The answer to all these questions is easy, they would have evolved with the times and their beliefs and traditions would also. It is because of this observation that trying to replicate history is a fools errand not only because the Norse practiced an oral tradition, but because to replicate it is to try and practice a tradition that even the Vikings would have grown out of. If you want to be a historian that is perfectly ok. However, if you want to do this as a magician then you have to look at this in the modern sense.

The Vikings cared about legacy. They didn’t want to just repeat their forefather’s goals but actually make history. Every noble Viking wanted a saga to remember their legacy and what history they made. So why is today we are so reluctant to make new history? My pathworking takes this true spirit of the Norse and give you the freedom to add your own personal flare and needs, as well as walk a tradition that is authentic to Viking values.

I have put my life’s work into this pathworking and I am so happy to be the first person in history to put together a full and relevant pathworking system for you to reap the benefits of. I don’t want us to just follow history… I want us to create history.

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

Asbjorn Torvol

How My Eye of Odin Ritual Changed My Life!

I Was Depressed In A Dead Marriage With No Real Purpose For My Life!… The Eye of Odin Ritual Turned My World Completely Around!… Now I Live In Paradise!!!

In my very early career to this day there is one ritual that most people associate the most with me. This ritual is my infamous Eye of Odin Ritual. I have written several pieces on it as well as discussed it in several videos and podcasts, but this will be the first time I really dive into the meat and potatoes of this ritual and what it did to my life. Late 2016 my marriage was falling apart, and I entered into a state of deep depression. My life had very little purpose and I resorted to various means of escaping one of which was overindulging in my work. I became a workaholic, writing, recording and advertising around the clock. From the moment I work up until the moment I went to sleep I was working. My relationship with my wife was dead and everyday was a constant battle. In all honesty I owe my career at this point to that depression as I got so much work done in such little time it propelled me to where I am now.

During the early stages of this dying relationship I called upon several of my Gods to try and find a solution. Thor, Odin and even Loki, but all I got was silence. I realized that what I needed was to open the doors to something bigger. Perhaps it was simply an essential hurdle to my progression. I decided one winter day to head up to a local mountain range with a few basic tools and perform a ritual for Odin. I had no idea what I was going to do I just felt the need to go there. Upon the mountain I performed my ritual and I asked Odin for a few things.

I asked Odin in this evocation to pull me deeper in my path. Allow me to peer deeper into the web of reality. Allow my magick to reach far beyond what I could even comprehend. I asked for my life to enter into its next stage and reach its next heights. I never realized at the time what this would mean for my life. I would get everything I asked for, but not without having a lot of sacrifices to make. From this ritual onward, my life started to get very interesting. I received a symbol in my dreams that is now known as the Eye of Odin symbol. It was a sigil for Odin and a doorway to the changes that I had asked for. A doorway into the wyrd into a place where reality could be moulded… However, my life fell apart.

With the symbol Odin gave me I did a new ritual, the Eye of Odin ritual. In this ritual I symbolically opened the eye of Odin symbol, placed my intention for change and gave a blood sacrifice to activate it. My Marriage got worse, my relationships with people crumbled and I ended up loosing my house, money and resources. It was in this moment that my magick breakthrough occurred. I was put in such a state of survival that I was forced to either manifest what I needed or loose everything including my control. I manifested a Paradise out of that chaos. I was able to see clearly the reasons why things in my life were being pulled away. After months of stripping away the unnecessary things that were holding me back in life I manifested a new home, my business flourished like never before, my career reached the skies and I had everything that I wanted to move forward. I manifested a Paradise out of chaos.

The Eye Of Odin Ritual May Have Brought Me Chaos!… But It Was The Gateway To The Paradise I Dreamed Of!!!

To this day this ritual still affects me. The work this ritual has brought has not ended and I don’t expect it to either. It was perhaps not what I ideally wanted, but it was everything I needed. Money, Housing, Career, Love and even Sex were all provided with this ritual. It brought me my desire, and this can do the same thing for you. Now what’s unique about my situation is that my life was already in a mess and a little more chaos was what caused my Paradise to come through. However, after a lot of feedback from others who have performed this same ritual they have had different paths. This ritual taps into each individuals situation and provided the necessity for desire to be manifested; sometimes that means removing the unnecessary and or further developing things that are already there. Regardless of what that pathway is, this is the doorway to the life you have dreamed of.

One of the things I see often in our Magickal/Occult community is people living in a state they don’t want to be in. They are trying to find there way to live the reality they have dreamed of. Looking to lead a life they want to live rather than one they are forced to live in. I think we all have ambitions we work for but that is much easier when our living conditions are how we want them to be. This ritual turned my life completely around and it can do the same for you. Be it money, sex, love, career, housing or even just ascent in magick, the Eye of Odin can be your gateway.

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

Asbjorn Torvol

The Valkyrja – The Daughters of War

There are few things more romantic in Norse Mythology than the valiant warrior being chosen by a Valkyrie to be taken to Valhalla after dying a warrior’s death weapon in hand. However, I cannot help but feel one of the important characters in this mythology is undervalued by those who explore the stories. This character is the Valkyrja… the Valkyries. Choosers of the Slain said to carry the einherjar (deceased warriors who prepare for Ragnarok) to Valhalla or Fólkvangr for Odin & Freyja. In many aspects the Valkyrie serve Odin, Freyja and the einherjar. Yet, it is my belief that these female warrior spirits are far more than just servants… at least in the sense of the magician.

For some time now, I have pondered about the Valkyrja. It was my thought that in the magickal sense (psychological or otherwise) these spirits could be worked with in the same fashion one could work with any other spirit. How are the Valkyries different, than the Goetic demons? Depending on the mythological stories you read the Goetic demons are servants to other higher demons, kings and gods… yet they can still be very intimately worked with. Take the Enochian angels as another example. I believe the Valkyries can be worked with in the exact same sense. However, not just as choosers of the slain, and servants of Gods and Einherjar… but as daughters of war.

Throughout Viking/Norse mythology there are several Valkyrie’s referenced in the text. In this modern-day names, meanings and references have been compiled that provide a far better birds eye view of what these individual Valkyrie stand for. Most of the names of these Valkyrja have meanings relative to war, battle and weapons. Some are implicated to be more offensive in that they represent the act of war, where as some are implicated to be more defensive in that they represent protection and shielding. It doesn’t take a genius to see where I am going with this here.

In my experimentation with this idea I came to a pretty solid conclusion on how I could work with these spirits. Valkyrja are the Daughters of War and if I were to ever apply them into my work as a magician they would be best suited to the one thing most practitioners tend to avoid… spiritual/magickal warfare. Even while many try to avoid conflict with other magicians usually anyone who publicizes their work in the occult will eventually have the threat of someone else cursing them, or acting against them magickally. Now while most of these experiences are easy to blow off, debunk and label as delusional dick measuring it doesn’t hurt to keep yourself prepared in case you need to defend yourself.

There have been times in my life where the only way to get someone to stop bothering me was to magickally force them to stop. Additionally, I have spent my entire career performing protection style magick should I need it. My point, is that war even on this small scale is a very real thing, and while the stories of the Valkyries are set in battlefields with swords, the archetypal idea of these spirits can be applied to any form of conflict that is based in the destruction or defeat of another.

Let’s take the art of war by Sun Tzu as an example. A book on military strategy that has been applied into sports, politics, employment, business and much more. War in this modern day is not just the physical act of blood, blade and bullet. An applicant for a job may try and metaphorically cut the throat of his competition through sabotage. In Politics we see this all the time. In marketing and media, we see this often when false accusations or gossip are so loudly voiced that people believe it crushing the accused person. Truth rarely matters in these situations. It’s all a game and in the magickal world, spiritual warfare is far more than just cursing, and this is why I believe it’s so highly sought out.

With this perspective in mind I believe the Valkyries are great spirits to work with when these situations come to the forefront. Be it a need to protect yourself or a need to blow down a violent obstacle in your path. I am not a lover of baneful magick, but I do recognize that sometimes it is needed. Life is not black or white and the grey areas are where our morals are truly put to the test. Circumstance is rarely pure, and this is why baneful magick while polarizing is often considered when conflict arises.

The Valkyries are great allies to have in these situations. Whether you summon Randgríðr and Mist to shield and conceal yourself or you summon Geirdriful and Hlökk to completely annihilate the enemy, the potential is there. These spirits are both archetypes and external forces as all things are. They are forces that can be directed. They may serve the Gods… but they may also serve you in that time of need. War is never the best option… but sometimes it’s the only option and it’s better to have an arsenal at your back, than end up being slain without a sword in hand.

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

Asbjorn Torvol